How Many Denials Were There?

Because they are not the demographic that accounts for 50% of murders.

African immigrants aren’t included under “black”? News to me

Nice try.

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They’re not?

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Most are black. But in general, they are not part of the demographic who commit half of our murders. They are not counted in that stat for the same reason black women are not counted.

But they are counted in that stat. Especially since the stat is just “black people arrested for murder”.

ADOS is doing the killing.

And why wouldn’t they, taught from birth that white people are oppressing them, if I grew up being taught that I would be violent too. Well if I didn’t read much anyway.

That’s what @SneakySFDude is telling you. It’s worse than the stat shows because black Africans are not part of the demographic that commits 50% of the murders.

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He knows that.

You’ve seen it a zillion times now stop denying the truth.

How do you know that?

No African Immigrant has ever been arrested for murder?

Not enough to make a tic. We both know who’s doing it.

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Show the numbers

Look them up yourself. You’re a data guy. College degree and everything.


Can’t find them. But you said they exist. Can you provide it?

Yes you can. Stop playin’. Why you always playin’?

I know that because I understand our language … and he effectively said so in post number 1109.

Nobody ever claimed that no black African immigrant has ever committed murder.

Dis you?

I understand our language. Not part is very specific

Nothing in that statement can be interpreted by anyone who understands English to mean no black African immigrant has ever committed murder.

For your own good, just quit. Your continued whining is getting really pathetic.