How Many Denials Were There?

Teachers can gain 1.5 CTLE credits from one left-wing training, called “Intersectionality in Practice – Supporting Children and Families With Multiple Marginalized Identities in Early Childhood Programs.”


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“Woke Kindergarten”

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Well they might get rid of the question but odds are, the teacher will still manage to convey that message some other way.


You didn’t read this, did you?

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All sorts of implications in that you didn’t read that question. It’s like “see?”. I wonder if there is a point, though.

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If the teacher is allowed to stay. If the board will not do anything then run against and defeat some of the board members.

This sort of nonsense in schools needs to go.

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Perhaps it is you who didn’t read it …

"The policies, which are part of the broader category “Interviews with or Removal of Students,” state “school counselors meet with students to discuss academics and personal issues, teachers often discuss academic performance with students, and school officials meet with students when investigating disciplinary violations.”

The district will not honor requests by parents/guardians to be informed prior to these discussions, be present during the discussions, or prohibit conversations between a student and staff members,” the policy continues. "

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The question appeared on an in-class online assignment at a Holt High School advanced placement government course. It asked students which political party is most likely to believe that the “fatal shootings of unarmed African American men by police officers” is not due to racism,

Hey…let us sheoplize you about a few lives lost…ignoring the aggravating factors of non-compliance where Ds blame Rs and remain ignorant the thousands murdered in D controlled cities that is the result of the culture propagated by libs.

Homicides Have Skyrocketed in These 6 Democratic Cities. Black People Are Disproportionately the Victims, Data Shows.

…footnote…2022 is on track to be even worse.


And the perpetrators are…


…the same 6% that are responsible for over 50% of all murders according to the FBI.


It’s not even 6%.

Where did you get that data from?

Census bureau, ciphering and common sense.

You got to take African immigrants right off the top.

Then subtract the females.

Then focus on the age group perpetratin’

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So a mix of data and Feefees


Sure, if it helps you face the truth.


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Your Feefees just tell me about you. I don’t need those, thanks

Can’t face it, still?