How many believe that salary should be based upon the number of children a person has? TOPIC: "Living Wage"

A number of people have mentioned that everyone who works should be paid a “living wage” or I think that some have used the term “common wage” (please correct if I am wrong). The fact is though a living wage is largely dependant upon the number of children you have. So if you advocate a basic living wage for all wouldn’t the number of children a person has have to factored in?

Now that’s an interesting question.

Only if you want to encourage poor people to have babies.

Yes it is.

I’m interested to see if anyone has a good answer to this.

Me too.


It depends on several factors and is not the same for everyone.

No. We all get the same.

I don’t like term “living wage” though I don’t know why. I think this could be a proposal social democrats (not democratic socialists or Democrats who are social) might like.

It’s already one of the factors the government uses to determine COLA for military members and DOD civilians.

Salary/wages in the private sector should be based solely on the agreement of the person selling the time/labor and person buying the time/labor, both as to the style and amount of salary/wages.

Style being a set salary, or wages by the hour, by the mile, by the basket, by commission, etc.

Amount being negotiate between the buyer and seller.

With a minimum wage, too!

No minimum wage!

Imagine if that were the law. Hey kids, don’t bother going to school, drop out, sleep around, have babies, and by the time you are 25 years old, you could be earning a $300,000 annual salary.


Should it be implemented in the private sector as well?

Still waiting for those who invoke the “living wage” mantra to define what exactly that would be as applied to each and every individual wage earner.

No one has succeeded yet.

Wages and or salary should not, NOT, be based on the number of children one has.

I don’t believe in the minimum wage laws either.

Razor thin profit industries like floor retail would love to slice wages if they could. I didn’t understand just how thin the margins are until I got into management and had to run payroll week by week combined with managing my shrink level. If one brake caliper that’s costs 50 bucks gets taken out as shrink I have to sell 350 bucks worth of product to make up for it.

Minimum wage is necessary for some industries. Otherwise workers would be screwed. It’s hard enough to get people raises as it is in this industry. Some of my guys are relatively underpaid but if I put in more than 3% it’s immediately denied by the RM barring promotions of which there are only so many slots for each position.

So yeah. Kill off any sort of minimum wage and I could see many floor retail chains slashing wages to 5 bucks an hour for some positions just to lower payroll overhead.

They aren’t already encouraged to between deductions on income taxes and eligibility for welfare benefits?