How many Americans have died as a result of Biden's fine-people hoax?

Joe Biden’s fine-people hoax is arguably the most divisive lie in American political history even though a quick internet search would show it has no basis in fact, as confirm in this BBC fact check:

The lie falsely smears Trump and Trump supporters as supporting neo-Nazis and white supremacists. This smear effectively provides a license for violence by leftist extremists. It also frames the whole nation by falsely implying that a large portion of the country supports violent, racist extremists.

At least two Trump supporters appear to have been stalked and killed. One is from Milwaukee who was killed in the middle of the day by an attacker who was covered from head to toe to conceal identity:

The other was stalked by an Antifa extremist. An Antifa mob cheered when they heard of the death:

Would these two men still be alive if Biden had not smeared them as supporting neo-Nazis?

BLM riots have resulted in 47 deaths as a of September 5, and many more have been injured. How much of this violence is a result of Biden’s false narrative?

My view is the Biden the complicit media who fail to flag the hoax are at least partially responsible for these deaths. Do you agree?


Someone has come to realize that President Trump’s campaign is in the toilet.

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I hope this isn’t Trump’s October Surprise.

Edit: I take it back - I hope it is.

We were all there and saw it dude.

Saw what??

Be specific.

It’s all over then.

Let’s pack it up and go home.


That’s a bold statement. In all of American political history. Wowza!

Who needs an October surprise??

No one, buddy. No one. :sunglasses: