How liberals screwed up the Putin/Trump thing. Bigly

It was done through a total lack of discipline. For two years y’all have been out of control. Everything the president has done, every bill he has signed, every word he has uttered has been met with hysteria. It’s a disaster! It’s horrible! the sky is falling! Woe is me! Nazi! Fascist! Racist! Blah, blah, blah. Everything, non stop for two years. Everything is a level 10 catastrophe. Here is the problem. When he does do something that maybe worthy of criticism, such as the Helsinki meeting. You have nothing left. You have already burned everyone out. Nobody wants to listen anymore. You try to escalate to level 11, but there is no level 11. You didn’t keep your powder dry. You fired it all off at nothing. Now nobody cares anymore. All of the crying wolf has people completely bored by yet another day of Trump bashing. Sorry folks. You blew it. Normal people are no longer interested in anything to do with Trump/Russia. That is the consequence of overplaying a hand for years. Too bad soo sad.


Remember when conservatives used to brag about how they were all about personal responsibility?

How many threads are you going to start about similar themes?

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No 11 say you? Maybe the liberals have purchased Nigel’s amps.

So you acknowledge that Donald befouled himself in Finland, but you’re wearing Melania’s jacket.

Thanks for sharing.


Trump is not a conservative. He’s a dem.

Ever see,Nigel’s “Mr. Horsepower” guitar from Music Man?

The libs president allegedly committed “treason” on television and the best they can do is whine about it on a message board that caters to a few thousand people.

Pretty feckless right!

I guess they’re waiting for the tanks to come rolling down their street in the military coup their traitor allies have suggested.

Keep waiting idiots.

He isn’t really that, either. He’s not consumed by any ideology, he’s only consumed with himself. To that end, he’ll say whatever he thinks may garner him the most applause.


If it’s bothering you I hope they keep posting one every hour.

No, I’ll have to check it out.

You have a point. But you don’t have to be “consumed by ideology” to be a dem.

Doesn’t bother me, just wondering why new threads need to be started about the same topics.

Guess you missed yesterday’s “traitor” fest.

Hilarious and awesome at the same time :slight_smile:

He garnered so much more than just applause from many who call themselves conservative.

Is this the latest Trump - approved talking point? If so, I sincerely hope the Trumpkins keep up the good work until November…


What do you mean “used to” We still brag about it. You must admit. The non stop Trump bashing is provoking nothing but eyerolls from normal people. Y’all have something now, but it’s useless because nobody cares anymore.

More of the same theme - mainly that Trumpists are absolved of voting for and supporting Donald.

Because libs gave them no choice, you see. It’s as clear as a Donaldian double negative.