How liberal policies prevent businesses owners from protecting their businesses

Just another reason not to open a business in a town run by liberal politicians.

Businesses that have been destroyed by the mob might be SOL if their insurance policies carry the no liability clause for losses incurred “ during acts of war or civil unrest”.

What insurance company is going to be willing to insure companies in these communities?

None, that’s why the businesses walk away. You can buy the riders but those liabilities are going to cost ya.

" Why are security shutters banned in Minneapolis? Because city officials say they “cause visual blight,” and “create the impression that an area is ‘unsafe’ and ‘troublesome.’”

Good thing there are no shutters causing visual blight in this picture of Minneapolis.



Great, now areas of downtown Minneapolis look like Mogadishu. What a coincidence, it’s Ilhan Omar’s district!


Small businesses owners are all persons of privilege, about time they get what they deserve.

After 9/11 insurance companies introduced a “terrorism” clause into their coverage. They are exempt from covering damage done by terrorists unless you specifically added this to your policy. I wonder if they’ll take the route that this is terrorism?


There will have to be the “Angry liberal mob” clause in all future policies. What’s the next thing the angry liberal mobs will justify destroying and looting businesses over? Income inequality, free college, open borders, higher minimum wage?

… free tattoos. :sunglasses:

FEE puts out the dumbest articles. First off, they’re supposed to be an economics think tank. 99% of what they release is activism or political philosophy that they try to disguise as “economics”. Second, their material is infused with the worst kind of technocratic economism. They’re worthless.

Here’s the original source:

So in this matter it would appear that their claim is legitimate.

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I trust that. I was only commenting on the laughability of FEE’s name. If they were really about economic education, they wouldn’t be yapping about liberty and would instead be as ideologicalky sterile as a Ben Stein lecture.