How Is This Not Discriminatory?

Soon it will be October. Isn’t that breast cancer awareness month?

MassHealth is our state’s Medicaid for low income and unable to afford an individual plan. Can someone explain why there is a separate program for gynecological cancers?

I thought Medicaid was in place for such individuals and families. Isn’t a separate program to pay specifically for gynecological cancers discriminatory?

If you notice the first requirement to qualify, it’s strictly for women. There are men who get breast cancer, from average Joe’s to notables like KISS’ Peter Criss & actor Richard Roundtree.

Here are statistics for that. It appears more common in black men than white, and with worse outcome:

Now, if a man living in Massachusetts was not only diagnosed with breast cancer, but lost his health coverage, he couldn’t qualify for our state’s program to pay for his treatment.

Isn’t that discriminatory? Or is it only discriminatory if it takes place against a woman?

Do feminists want equitable treatment for women? Or, as programs like this seem to suggest, special?


Its a federal crime to refuse service based on sex, religion, race.

So how does the program in the first link pass that test?

It states it’s specifically for women. If a man with breast cancer—obviously men don’t have a cervix & cervical cancer really isn’t that common, with early abnormalities detected in Pap exams—is denied assistance should he lose his health coverage, is this not discriminatory?

It’s almost like this is a backdoor argument for single payer.

Of course it’s discriminatory.

Hopefully any man so afflicted will be able to sue for treatment.

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The Democrat Politicians don’t care about white men.
I’m surprised that there isn’t a special fund for black men though.

The democrat Politicians really dropped the ball on this one.
Every minority group should have special right, priviledges, and special
programs just for them, then do in so many other aspects of life.

Who cares about white men. It’s ok if they die off, then it can just be a one party system of Socialism. lol.

White men in America have had it so bad in recent histrory. No respect, no representation in politics or business, no positions of leadership, completely marginalized and demonized. Probably persecuted more than any other group in history, like ever. lol.

All in all I’m happy if government doesn’t want to take care of me. I should be none of its business. If it wasn’t for the high handed lawlessness of Arbitrary government lovers like FDR of LBJ it would still not be considered any of the federal government’s business as it ought to.

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Not much to discuss. It has been covered.

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