How is not serving the press sec different than not baking a cake?

How is not serving the press secretary different than not baking a cake for a gay couple or not providing certain type of birth control on a company any health plan due to religious beliefs.

When you get down to basics religion is a set of morals and values. The restaurant in Virginia refused to serve the press secretary because her continued lying in defense of the administration violated their morals. How is this different???

Political beliefs are not a protected class.

beside that,if you argue that a baker shouldnt bake a cake based on his religious beliefs than by the same token you shoudl have no problems with a restaurant refusing to serve someone who’s entire job is basically lying for the president. The restaurant owners are just upholding their values


Cake … special order

Restaurant… ordering off the menu

Cake … ordering off the menu.

I hate us not being able to edit our posts. I apologize … restaurant…on the menu.

She was told one of the reasons was her opposition to homosexual marriage, no?

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you keep saying this like it means something. Ordering on or off the menu had nothing to do with the supreme court decision, you don’t even know what you are talking about.

You’re correct. The Supreme Court declared victory for the bakers as a direct result of the liberal governments recorded verbal assaults on the religious beliefs of the bakers. … but that wasn’t the question, was it?

It’s not. Both should be allowed too refuse service to anyone they want to. But they should also be ready to face the consequences of possibly losing business of customers who disagree with them.

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on or off menu is irrelevant to the question.

Not selling a cake is very like not serving at a restaurant. However, not preparing a cake that specifically celebrates gay marriage would be similar to not preparing a dinner that celebrated immigration enforcement.

But the main point I would make is that you are free to do either. And you are also free to consider it inappropriate and rude.

what about refusing to prepare a cake that specifically celebrates mixed marriage?

Horrible hypotheticals are pretty horrible.

Are you saying that there are “gay” cakes?

I am not familiar with the orientation of any cakes, but there can certainly be cakes celebrating gay marriages.

So, you’re making this up. Ok.

Horrible I agree. In a study conducted by sociologists at Indiana University, 39% of Americans support refusal of service to interracial couples.

So, what about refusing to prepare a cake that specifically celebrates mixed marriage?

One of the reasons not the reason.

But to be honest I dont care enough about this issue to argue. It was a stupid thing for a business to do whether its someone on the left or right who is banned.

I find Huckabee Sanders to be a particularly odious person so I know I wouldn’t want to sit next to her in a restaurant but I would not ask the restaurant to boot her. However, I find most press secretaries regardless of who they work for odious because their job is to be a sycophant for the President. I understand their job but I don’t have to like it.

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