How Is Lack of Competition Motivating?

How exactly is making every student equal through abolishing class rank supposed to motivate learning? Why is it those who are either gifted or putting in extra work, sometimes in honors and AP courses, being penalized?

And how is it those students not used to competition will adapt to workplaces where there may be various awards for everything from seniority to the most innovative ideas?

This push to equalize everyone is disturbing, IMO. It isn’t doing anything to help those struggling, while penalizing those achieving higher than the average students.

Seems stupid…

It says it is ranked by gpa…

If people have the same gpa how do they rank them?

Report doesn’t say anything about making everyone equal, just getting rid of an arbitrary ranking system…

Not everyone is motivated by competition with their peers - not is a culture of peer competition required in “workplaces”.

Eliminating class ranking is not “making every student equal”, either. They still get grades.

I went to one the best public high schools in the United States. They did not “rank” our class.

“Ranking” is a stupid measurement. My daughter’s high school did not do it and it was not missed.

It’s not making everyone equal. Everyone still gets their grades and GPAs.

In my school back in the UK in the 80s there was no ranking and in the 2000’s with my daughters schools no ranking again.

No one needs to be ranked while they go through school.