How is everybody dealing with social distancing?

Because, hell, it’s like I’m back in highschool again!


I put up a new placard in the driveway today that a buddy made from scrapped steel. It was a very awkward experience with the ladder, but I like it.


It’s very nice looking - good job!

Also, I’m now going to assume that the above “music” is you.

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You were so good looking and charming that everyone was scared to get near you? I thought that was just me…

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I am “music,” just not that particular beautiful ballad.

I’m “essential” and I’m not really a huge outgoing person so little has changed for me.

Was never that outgoing or sociable. Not much has changed there.

I’m loving this. Backyard BBQing with family. Endless time for all kinds of stuff. Living the dream under a cloud of potential death.

Mornin’ folks.