How Important is Russian Hacking to Our Democracy?

Really…How important is Russian Hacking to our democracy? If the right person had been elected, should we or would we have looked the other way? It seems to me like no cared about the DNC hacking as long as it looked like Hillary was going to win. Did it only become an important issue when Hillary lost?

Whats interesting to me is that the dems did nothing about it at all while Obama was the president. Obama himself said that they could not change a single vote. How come none of the Dems cared about it when it was actually happening, Was it not a threat to our democracy as long as Hillary was winning? Did it suddenly become an issue when she lost? What changed between the time the hacking was discovered and now? What happened that caused it to be an issue now, where it wasnt an issue when it actually happened?

Then there was the whole hot mic issue when Obama announced to Russian President Medvedev that he would have more flexibility to deal with missile defense after the election. But no one talked about treason for that remark. Was Russia our friends at that time? If so, when did they become a threat? If they weren’t are friends at that time either, why did no one care about our missile defense being negotiated away?

If I am missing something, please explain it to me.

Remember the hysteria you guys engaged in when accusing the US under Obama of meddling in an Israeli election?

I can understand for so many who put party before country what Russia did is no big deal. But a foreign government actively campaigning for a candidate would having me asking why.

It’s astounding how trump supporters are peddling this ■■■■.

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The question is how important it is to trump

On a scale of 1 to 10:

It’s a naught. I didn’t get hacked. I don’t click on links from Nigerian princes.

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So then the hysteria republicans engaged in before and their hypocrisy is the main issue and not the Russian threat to democracy at all? Or did I misunderstand your post?

First and foremost, I am not a Trump supporter at all. He lost me when he made the comments against Judge Curiel.

Second, I am not peddling anything. I asked questions. Please show where anything that was posted in the OP that was in error.

Perhaps you misunderstood the OP. I am not asking anything about Trump. I am asking why the Russian hacking is important to our democracy, along with when did it become important.

To me, it looks like just another manufactured outrage…but if I am missing something, please enlighten me.


Not only is it the hypocrisy but the fact a foreign government inserted itself into the US political process of selecting a government. The question you should be asking is why. Not saying my guy won so who cares.

As I am watching how fast America is declining on the world stage and the suffering about to hit many Americans I know why.

This is pretty much my take,more of “But they did it first!”

You ask a great question that libs can not answer honestly because if they do, they convict themselves of the hypocrisy of what they’re pointing their little fingers at. You can bet your butt that had Hillary won, this would not be a point of contention.

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They did care about it.

Thete were several news stories on the subject in the run-up to the election.

Are your guys’ memories really that short?

Hey, did you get any kind of impression that any foreign countries didn’t want Trump to win? Just curious.


I would prefer an alliance with Russia against the global Jihadi threat, but this will be very tough while our D partisans and the DOJ and FBI would prefer to focus on young female gun rights advocates. The same young red headed gun toting spy with the word spy tattooed on her forehead.

Does not bother me in the slightest. I am laughing at the D as the economy keeps running at a healthy clip.

They wanted Trump to win so he could slap some tariffs on them.

From the book of the logic of Strzok…


Leaders all across Europe and South America made no secret they loathed Trump.

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Did you really just say you doubt Maria Butina is a Russian spy, but instead she’s just a gun rights advocate the “deep state” is going after?


Yep- another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Conservative Russia is in your “tribe”…you have a greater loyalty to them than fellow Americans who happen to differ from you politically.

Tell me how I’m wrong in reading it this way.

Many countries took offense at statements made by Trump during his campaign.

So why would Putin like him?

The only common ground I saw was a recognition of the threat of global Jihadistic murder.

She’s not actually accused of being a spy, she’s being accused of being an unregistered foreign lobbyist. Which is apparently very common and almost never prosecuted.

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