How immigration can have a negative economic impact on a community


That would require time in jail and consequences. What are the consequences for the illegals now?


In NJ’s inner cities it is combination of both. Even in NJ’s middle/lower middle-class communities have been impacted as property values have been pretty much stagnant since the subprime mortgage collapse. Let me be clear on something as a NJ resident and as someone who worked in public education I have probably met and interacted with more new immigrants than likely anyone on this forum. And my experiences have been largely positive, interestingly immigrant students are typically better behaved than American students (their parents are usually more strict).


Waitaminnit….are property values low because of immigration or the subprime mortgage collapse?


Yes, we both know bigotry doesn’t really exist.


Bigotry is not systemic racism. Of course it exists. Inside each of us.


So what about my post was ignorant?


But sanctuary cities prevent that.


They absolutely do not. What is it you think sanctuary cities do?


It ignores your own bigotry and the economic, social, legal and moral impact of the topic to reduce a very complex issue to a childish accusation in order to virtue signal.

Other than that, it was fine.


Because illegals aren’t detained for simply being illegal in sanctuary cities.


I didn’t say “most people.” And isn’t it ignorant to ignore the fact that a lot of people oppose immigration solely because immigrants look different?


Not if you can prove it.


Go to Stormfront.


Is that a “lot of people”?


A lot more than this forum.


I’ll take your word for it. I don’t believe “a lot of people” oppose illegal immigration because “they look different.”

Much more likely there a “some.” Some others are because of cultural clashes. Or language issues. Or stagnant wages. Or unemployment. Of the cost associated with it. Or in some cases the motivation behind democrat support of it.


Property values were going up steadily in NJ then dropped obviously after the subprime mortgage crisis. Since then they have been generally stagnant in many of the communities I am familiar with. People from other states have told me that property values are going up in their states. Property values are arguably the strongest indicator on how the middle class is doing.


I know the difference in the article he mentions the word immigration and low skilled workers vs high skilled. I am assuming he is referring to illegal immigration as he is talking about immigrants from south or the border compared to immigrants who come to silicon valley to work. This is the article I was referring to.

Immigration is an intensely painful topic for a liberal like myself, because it places basic principles in conflict. Should migration from Mexico to the United States be celebrated, because it helps very poor people find a better life? Or should it be condemned, because it drives down the wages of working Americans and threatens to undermine the welfare state? I suspect that my March 27 column will anger people on all sides; I wish the economic research on immigration were more favorable than it is.

My second negative point is that immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. That’s just supply and demand:


You should probably edit that, not quote the whole thing and attribute the source with a link. I’m not an expert on the topic, but I don’t think we’re supposed to do that and I’d hate for your post to get deleted.


Well there are many Americans who don’t view what we have been doing for the past 170 years as enforcing our borders. Also could you elaborate on your second point here?