How hypocritical is it to claim you want strong borders if you're going to allow this?

First, we didn’t have a welfare state in those days. Second, we currently have millions of Americans in poverty, unemployed and homeless, including veterans.


They came in at a time when it was desired to kill native Americans, take their land, cut down forests, open up new lands to agriculture and strip mining.
Those aren’t favored so much any more.

Why not?? Incitement!!

These lawbreakers will cost far more money then the Jan. 6th rioters ever will and have already cost more lives.

Impeach the ■■■■■■■■■■■■

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One would have to be an utter moron to think flooding one’s nation with poverty from third world countries is somehow good for your country and the people in it. It’s all about votes and power.


Another thing I would have added to this presentation is that for every for every illegal immigrant being helped on the US dime (just education and healthcare for each child is around $30,000) you could help dozens for that same dollar in their home countries.


Not possible when Biden’s part has majority in the House and VP has the deciding vote in the senate and the FBI and DOJ are under Biden’s thumb. The only option before 2022 would seem to be military intervention.

It wasn’t just limited to that time frame. My Grandparents came over in the late 1890’s. The late 1800’s and early 1900’'s were prime time for immigration.

What are you proposing?

I pretty much agree. If we were not taking in all these people we could be doing a lot more to build up their countries where they are.

My stipulation would be we don’t send money. We send crews to build infrastructure projects. Water, power, irrigation… build schools, whatever. We can hire the locals and pay them to build, but I don’t want checks being written out to their governments. We manage the funds and we pay the workers directly.

It boggles my mind why we would want them here straining our system rather than help them build their own system.

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I’m making an observation. Do you disagree with my observation? Can you see another way Democrats could be dislodged before 2022?

It is all about votes and power. Our representative says she wants to abolish the elector college. Giving the government the ruling power to control the elections. By adding all these immigrants they would allow them all to vote. How on earth could you count undocumented immigrants? This would be unconstitutional in itself I should think.
Problem is that this could backfire on them. These people aren’t stupid, they will soon see they left communism and see Demon-crats dictatorship as communism. They may vote conservative as many do now in this country.
The other problem I see is so many of these people are children. They can’t vote yet. Why on earth would they allow all these kids in? This is beyond my comprehension, downright stupid. Will they reprogram them? Is that what they are doing?

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Well, there is one other thing, convention of states.

It’s obvious why the lib elites want them here. Regarding what can be done? It’s hard to make the case that US foreign aid has done much other than likely enrich those in power. And as your video pointed out for every 1 million poor people we help through immigration 80 million more are added. Even in the US can anyone really say that the war on poverty has been a success? The reality is that poor people have substantially more children than any other economic group, and that’s the case even in the US. Poverty is never going away no matter how much foreign aid we give and no matter how much poverty we allow to flood into our country. Nonetheless, for those who really care about these people, the best thing you could do to help as many as possible, is to get involved with organizations and churches who are already trying to help them where they are. I’m willing to bet few if any lib politicians and lib voters are doing any of that.

Illegals? How many show up for their hearings for citizenship?

So, what percent actually become citizens and of that number I wonder how many actually vote?

How many, what percent, are children (unaccompanied minors)?

It makes me wonder about replacing the working class democrat voters.

Furthermore, what other industrialized country does this? What other industrialized country has as loose and unenforced immigration laws like the Dems want? Outside of Canada there is no other country that has birthright citizenship. All these Scandinavian countries that provide all those juicy government freebies the libs salivate over have very strict immigration laws. I’ve asked this question numerous times, how much will Medicare for ALL the world who can get on our soil cost? The fact is in the mind of those on the Left is that once they get here we can’t deport them.

I will never understand why there is an ounce of controversy about something as common sensical as border security…

We live in a world where the phrase “on the midst of a global pandemic” has become an anchor dragging all of our lives down…we know there is always a terror threat…we already have legal American citizens who can’t find jobs. A nation without borders is not a nation…

We also have 800000 to a million new citizens who go thru the process legally every year…who wait in line, spend the money…why are we so willing to disrespect them by just swinging the door open to whomever wants to meander into the country.

33000 unaccompanied minors came to America last year. That’s too many. This year they are estimating 117000…Biden and his awful presidency are incentivizing tens or hundreds of thousands of people to come to America illegally.

It cannot be argued that is just stupid.


That Gumball analogy that was posted above puts so much into perspective. There are more people living in poverty, in bad conditions, on a few dollars a week in the world than live in this country. We can’t take them all in, all we would be doing is destroying ourselves and not making a dent in the world’s poverty problems.

Citizenship matters. We have a legal process, if it needs to be streamlined so be it…But there is already a way for those who wish to become American citizens to do so.

Still waiting, right?

One of the points he made, which also provided a different perspective, was how the industrialized countries like the US are picking off generally the better citizens from these other countries through legal immigration. A sports analogy would be like all the best teams in sports getting the top draft picks year after year. One could argue, as the gentleman in the video did, is another reason these countries never improve.

…and what it’s doing to our nation and to our future can not be argued is evil.