How hypocritical is it to claim you want strong borders if you're going to allow this?

So here’s what a Texas Democrat had to say about what’s happening at the border:

"At least one Democrat in a border district is now sounding similar warnings.

U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez of McAllen told CNN that if the administration follows through with its plan to quickly release migrants seeking asylum, it will send a message to Central Americans that tens of thousands of people can show up to the border. That would be “catastrophic for our party, for our country, for my region, for my district, in the middle of a pandemic.”"

So if anyone can just walk up to the border and make a (phony in my view) asylum claim and then be simply let into the country how is this not defacto open borders?

What’s the point of even having a legal process for immigration if you are going to allow this?

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Here’s some other questions that come to mind.

Exactly what are these people going to do. Millions of Americans are still out of work, millions of jobs have been lost, many for good, we have millions of homeless Americans, but we’re fine with flooding the nation with impoverished, uneducated people from anywhere and everywhere, who don’t speak English?

Here’s another question. How many of the world’s impoverished citizens do you believe that the American middleclass should be forced to provide for free education, free healthcare, free housing, etc., for?

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The infamous gumball video. I wish more people grasped this.


I’ve said this before. Out of one side of their mouth libs cry about the number of people in poverty here in the United States, about income inequality, etc., but are more than happy to invite as many of the world’s impoverished here as well.


I wake up each day now…and what was crazy, is now sane. “We” are crazy and it isn’t sustainable.

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As has been our history. The majority of people who immigrated here from Europe, Scandinavia and Asia were not rich.

…but they came in legally. They then attempted to assimilate into the society that motivated them to make their journey and be productive citizens.

In 2017 more then 700,000 came into the US by other means then crossing the border. And they did it legally. Then they overstayed their permission to be here. Which yes, did make them illegal.
I don’t understand why so many people think that all of our immigration problems are with the southern border.

I never really understood the 180 shift in migration in the Democratic Party, hell even Obama (Besides Daca) knew unchecked illegal immigration was a bad thing and deported a lot of people.

Only theory I could come up with is they are trying to import in more voters as the keep losing the working class. I don’t think they’re trying to win them back, just replace them.


I don’t. If they’re here illegally, I’m against it.

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I will agree that a number of Latino’s do not assimilate as much as some other folks. But it is also the case with folks from other countries also. At one point California was spending a lot of money printing ballots in many different languages. Hell, we cater a lot to the Latino’s who come here. There are Spanish newspapers, TV and radio channels. And we spend the extra money to teach their kids English in schools. Assimilation would be different if we required everyone to speak English. A concept that has been kicked around for decades and one that politicians handle like a hot potato.

You brought up the historical part of immigration and that was our focus. Much has changed since then regarding immigration and in my opinion, it hasn’t been for the betterment of our country.

The exact wrong lesson is being drawn from that…and no I don’t mean they should all come to the US.

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Sensors and drones will stop it.

Ask any lib liar.


Amazing also how many of theses groups are climbing right over the wall.

On a side note, just one more reason to impeach biden. He has clearly incited these people to break our laws and invade our country. Many of them have said so directly.


The Irish didn’t have much back in the 1800s

Yet they made it.


Keep that thought.

No impeachment.


Out of curiosity: which part?

Of course it’s not about helping the poor.