How Exactly Is This Divisive?

How exactly is this performer singing NOT to replace the U S National Anthem, but to celebrate the inclusion of Juneteenth as a federal holiday racist or divisive? Where exactly does she refer to it as “The Black National Anthem”?

Hadn’t heard of the song before this story, so did some digging:

I think it’s a beautiful, uplifting song, with a very inclusive title, “Lift EVERY Voice And Sing”.

Here’s Juneteenth:

The end of slavery isn’t something worth celebrating? As in the article, peoples of all races have come together to commemorate this milestone.

It’s just amazing what classifies as racism, division, or hurtful in the mind of some individuals.

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Can we say butthurt?:roll_eyes: I thought we could!

It is a pretty song. Is it “the black national anthem”?

It’s clearly because “we are not a racist country”

Here is its origin, originally to observe an anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth:

Unofficially there are those who consider it the “Black National Anthem”, but the wording and spirit are inclusive of all.

I don’t disagree. Now add it in to the comments made about Independence Day.

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I’m confused. Did Williams/PBS refer to the song as the “Black national anthem” during the broadcast? The “backlash” seems to be contained to replies to a Hill Tweet referring to the song by the moniker.

Did Vanessa Williams make some comments about Independence Day?

Is Vanessa Williams part of “society”, shaping and what not? (Nice shape).

Answer my question with an answer and not your framework of assumptions, please.

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You already know the answer. Why did they pick Vanessa Williams to sing?

Who called it the “black national anthem”? White supremacists?

Absolutely is. I’m gonna celebrate it every year.


It isn’t.
Like the so-called concept of CRT, certain people are using this as a rallying cry for the WNM along with 2022 and 2024,

Lift Every Voice and Sing is about freedom and hope. In my growing up years, I learned the Star Spangled Banner, Jamaica, Land We Love and Lift Every Voice and Sing. The previous two I really don’t feel anything, but Lift Every Voice and Sing sums up the journey of black people in this country and across the diaspora in the western hemisphere perfectly. There is absolutely nothing divisive about it. These jackasses need to sit down, get out there fragile feelings and actually read :face_with_raised_eyebrow: the lyrics to this poem/song. However, I know better…

read? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: yeah…okay.



The problem?

Is the black nation now segregated from the US?

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Still not seeing the problem.

“National” Anthem.

Wonder what would be said if a white woman sang it?

We’ll find out eventually. Bet on it. :wink:


Somebody woke who feels they have a pass?