How do you make somebody's quote appear when you respond?

Whenever I respond to somebody it never puts their post in my response. How do we make that happen?

The only way I’ve found is to highlight the part you want to respond and a quote box pops up after you highlight. Click on the quote box; a response box is then created with the quote embedded in it. There may be an easier way though…

Not sure on phone or similar, but on PC/Mac/etc., click on the reply for the post, then you’ll see a quote balloon on the upper left, right next the bold and italics

Awesome, thanks for that!

I think someone has mentioned it, but what’s the way to do multiple quotes where all the quotes are inside one another? I’ve done it manually, but is there a way to choose posts and have them all quote in one?

Click this after you click the reply button.

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And it will look like this. :slight_smile:

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Ah, ok… thanks… I was familiar with the quote balloon, but not on how to stack them that way. Thanks again… :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks!

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@Airyaman is the real hero here. :slight_smile:

This is a test.

I clicked on “REPLY” for one post then hit the quote ballon, then scrolled up and clicked “REPLY” on another post.



Well that seemed to work.



Now if we could get the edit button back.



You’re not Sneaky enough to edit your own posts. lol :wink:

Good grief. You have to make this forum your life in order to get access to editing?

Given the current knowledge of the staff pertaining to their forum, I’d say it’s just a case of them forgetting to take it back from him after he changed his name. lol

@SixFoot, you should copy this post into the How-to thread.