How do you currently handicap the current Democrat candidates chance of winning the Democratic Nomination?

there are no “moderates” running for the dem nomination. there are liberals and there are leftists. Biden, Buttigeig, and Klobushar are liberals. they get away with the “moderate” label only because of the comparison to Bernie and Liz.


As for the OP. Bernie. I’ve been saying Bernie for a while. Once Warren comes in 3rd again in NH (or 4th) and then 4th in NV and SC her money dries up, she’s done. That will leave the 47% of dem primary voters voting for socialism voting for Bernie on super tuesday because they have no other options. meanwhile the liberals will be eating their own with a dwindling biden, carpet bagging bloomberg and the new savior buttigieg all attacking each other and splitting up that vote.

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I still haven’t figured out Bloombergs pitch, he was supposedly running as a moderate because he saw the field lacking (Which Is True) but in the end when Super Tuesday comes around the only people he will be hurting will be Biden and Buttigieg.

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A knee injury??? …:grin::grin::grin:

That’s a good point. If Warren does dwindle and lose financial support she would likely then dropout leaving Bernie the best “free stuff” option.

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Hoping for a brokered convention. My prediction, Sanders takes the nom. And given Trump’s alienation of women voters, might actually win the general. Have to wonder if moderates will want to ensure a republican Senate to hold him in check if he does win.

I don’t see either Biden or Warren regaining ground. I think Sanders may have the edge, unless his own party works against him. I think Butagieg (sp?) and Klobuchar are going to try to hang in as long as they have funding. Bloomberg is working a different strategy, so it’s hard to calculate where he is going to land a few months from now.

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I don’t know who the dem candidate will be. Just hope it isnt Bernie, cause I wont vote for him ever.

I guess the more I think about it Sanders could very well take it this time.

I know it’s too early to tell but this could be Bernie’s year.

Bernie’s year to be shown hes irrelevant one way or another I’d agree. Dumb ■■■■■ like him usually figure it out. Didnt want him 4 years ago, nothing has changed since then. Hell at least Hillary figured it out after 2 runs. He will be dead literally next time the opportunity comes around again

Oh they’d never.

It’s ok. Every person might just get healthcare and we’ll stop bombing Yemen and we’ll get through this. Together.

The craziness in Iowa and now the “uncertainty” in NH, the DNC can pick someone, anyone they want. They are beholden to no one. The DNC pretty much already told a judge they can choose who gets the nomination.

If he would have just stopped at single payer or Medicare for all he probably would have pulled away some voters who went from Obama to Trump in 2016. But nope he did a 180 on his lifelong migration stance, tax payer funded college, green new deal etc…

And they are correct.


I get that you’re confident in your predictions, but the general hasn’t happened yet. Bernie might not even be the nominee and your prediction might not even be tested. We don’t know.

Until they apologize for funding Obama’s spygate they are all irrelevant in the political field.

Trump will win in the biggest landslide in American history .

Sorry, we can’t stop spying on him or the Clintons. We have to know what Epsteins friends are up to.

That’s funny except Hillary’s in on it.