How Did This Small State Become a Hot Spot for Coronavirus?

Large numbers of people in less space? Increase in testing to know one way or another? More of a hub for international travel?

What are your ideas?

Because of mass transportation mostly.

Seattle is major hub to China. But when you look at the map of King country that I’m going to post in, CV is highest in areas that rely on that mass transportation.

Oh…and for record there is only 16 active cases in my Zip code area. 1 more recovered.

Dark area of NE of lake Washington is Kirkland area…that’s where Lifecare is at.

Here are a few factors:

  1. Proximity to New York City and air travel from Europe that brought the virus.

  2. The flu strain in New York and Europe appears to be much more dangerous than the strain on the west coast with about five times the case fatality rate.

  3. Continued operation of mass transit.

  4. Failure to fully protect nursing homes, which account for half of the deaths.
    More than half of Massachusetts’ coronavirus deaths have been nursing home residents – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

The death rate per 100,000 residents in Massachusetts is still about half of that of New York State.

There is no evidence of that.

Here are some links.

Study from China that shows different strains have much different lethality with the deadlier strains in New York and Europe and milder strains in the west coast.

Antibody tests in New York and California show a much higher case fatality rate in New York:

. . . the results suggest that something like 2.7 million New Yorkers have been infected, which in turn implies a statewide infection fatality rate (IFR) in the neighborhood of 0.6 percent—three times the upper estimate from the California studies.

Sorry Bill, not buying it.

Until I see actual breakdown of possible multiple viruses it’s only speculation. Besides I don’t trust their counting.