How dangerous have libs become in our society


Just follow the scent of tofu stir-fry…




Just so there’s no confusion… Remember, folks, the OP believes that a “lib” and “liberal” are two different entities.


EVERYTHING I know about being a good and successful LIBERAL I learned from CONSERVATIVES, like Conan, with his always insightful OP’s and posts on

Lord knows without such excellent source material I would simply be a Lefty out in Left field, milling about aimlessly, not knowing what I was supposed to think as a Liberal or how I was supposed to act as a Liberal.



I have an idea. Instead of throwing up a bunch of rwnj talking points about what “radical libs” want to do to our airlines and beef cattle, and asking, I guess, “normal libs” what we’re gonna do about it: why not tell us what YOU would do to solve each issue, then ASK us what WE would do about them? Might that be more productive?

As Dorothy might have observed, it’s pointless to argue with strawmen, because they have no brains.


I’ve been here 11 years.
You’re wasting your time.


I’ve been here a few months.
Your point is not lost on me.
But I have seen many thoughtful, reasonable responses, from both sides, to even highly provoking posts.


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I know. TBH, my initial response was not meant solely for the blind man’s eyes.


You voted for trump to piss off libs and didn’t care how much damage he does to the country and you think libs are the danger?


LOL, it’s more than politics…………………….


I have become so dangerous as a Liberal (thanks Hannity Conservatives) that when I walk down dark alleys at night, in the Right Side of town, sporting my DNC lapel pin, mobs of smug MAGA hat wearing youths I encounter scatter and flee screaming for their mommies!


That’s such crap. You have had multiple posters engage you and you just brush them off with your broad generalizations and mischaracterizations. The problem isn’t with them, as they’ve blown hole after hole in your ridiculous premise. The problem is with you and your broad brush generalizations that are anything but accurate. @wayoutwest nuked your OP with thoughtful logic and solid explanations right from the get-go. And predictably you ignore it to try and further inflame and attack who you perceive to be your enemy. It’s a lame shtick man.


Being this paranoid and angry all of the time at some CEC constricted boogeyman isn’t healthy Roxie.

I don’t agree with most of the positions of the Democrats either. Heck, I don’t agree with most of the positions of the current GOP either. I’m a small government conservative. I’ve got little representation myself. But those pushing policy I disagree with are not evil. They aren’t destroying our country. The only one pushing tyranny is Trump and we will even survive him.

Don’t let the propaganda of the CEC trick you and use you like it is and has. Go out and actually meet real life Democrats. You may disagree with them on policy, but you’ll quickly see this perception you have of them is simply unfair, untruthful, and honestly makes you sound silly and a tinge crazy.


I humbly disagree. The OP used to be interested in honest political discussion. I’ve had countless meaningful discussions with him over the past 13 years. In a time before Donald Trump changed the political landscape and discourse around the country. I’m not saying it’s Trump’s fault but there is a definite correlation.


It’s gotta be an M thing. Good times


We had meatless Pizza served to us on Friday in high school and I survived on this planet going on 62 years.



So much so…it’s a course that can not sustain itself over time and will cease to exist.


You do realize that giving a blanket “I don’t buy it” response to people who say things to you that you don’t agree with is the antithesis of “having a discussion”, don’t you?

It takes at least two to have a discussion, @conan.


As a special treat for all of you CSPAN watchers we were able to get an exclusive glance inside a very important meeting deep in the bowels of government