How dangerous have libs become in our society


You know that everything has to be a generalization.

A few school officials want a meatless Monday optionat school = Liberals hate meat.
Several Congress critters want green energy = liberals want to get rid of fossil fuels
Some folks endorse what AOC says = liberals want socialism

It’s how AM radio works. Generalize. Get a few to represent the whole. Rinse and repeat topic after topic.


This is worth a thread but I could not help but laugh after reading this OP and then stumbling into this article…Trumpers love to project so much they start to believe their own lies it seems…

"Wohl and fellow provocateur Laura Loomer went to Minneapolis last month to “investigate” whether their quest to prove that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her own brother—a charge based on flimsy blog comments that has been disproven.

Wohl’s videos to his fans were premised on the idea that Minneapolis is an incredibly dangerous place, and often featured him wearing a bulletproof vest. At one point in a new video about their trip, Wohl goes to a Minneapolis police station to report death threats he says he and his team have received since being in the city."


You give current day liberals too much credit my friend, there are answers to most of the points you made but todays liberals don’t want answers or solutions they want to exploit issues and problems to advance their tyranny!

Current day liberals are tyrants, its that simple! They need to be driven out of positions of power and by that I mean positions in Government and until voters realize that we are in jeopardy of destroying the country. JMO


They’re coming to emasculate and feminize all red-blooded, meat-eating American men. Grab a bacon cheeseburger and run for the hills, patriot!


Hey you’re right. #thanksreagan


Its the cec formula. Pick an anecdote, get outraged, broad brush. Yawn.


That guy is the face of today’s conservatives.

It’s so funny.


Everything is a liberal conspiracy, right?


Well Conan, electric motorcycles like the one i own are freakin amazing! I heard even the British SAS use Zero motorcycles. Saves on gas and is not that much more expensive. Soy products are not a big deal but i dont know anyone who wants to feed you soy products. (The soy thing is a myth, it wont turn you feminine as the type of estrogen in soy products has no effect on humans or at least very negligible effects.


Meatless Mondays is a good way to teach kids that you can have a healthy diet without meat. I’m a workout/bodybuilding guy and I do eat meat for the vast majority of my meals, but I only eat red meat once or twice a week, and when I do eat red meat, its lean flank steak. The majority of my meals include grilled chicken or fish, brown rice and steamed vegitables. Its far healthier and doesn’t contain all the fat, especially saturated fat that red meat contains.

By and large, Americans eat horrible diets and the fact we’re the second fatest country in the world bears that out.


Anti-Trump! Socialist! Satanist! Evil Advocate for the Deep State Broccoli Council!


Back in the day, that would be that rectangular wedge of pizza but remove those tiny cubes of pepperoni. What’s the big deal if schools serve that once a week? That’s vegetarian.


We used to agree we should not vote for president known lying, thieving, cheating, ignorant, traitorous jackasses, but now we can’t agree on such a basic principle. #WhatHappenedToRepublicanPartyPrinciples



We’re coming for your meat.
And your precious bodily fluids.


Hey any libs in here want to text me where the “Super secret install gay feelings into all men” meeting is this weekend? I lost the address when I was shuttling murderers across the border… my bad!


Right across the street from the “How to hate America” club.


The bulk of liberal contribution to this board is generalization about “trump supporters” and “trumpists” and"trump acolytes" and …

Try an generalization about libs and watch them flock to the thread and dog pile.

Personally, my reaction to the thread was, “Oh goody… Another thread casting aspersions on the other side.” It’s all this board has nowadays. I don’t care what side initiates it. The warring gets old.


If a man can’t snap into a Slim Jim, is he truly free?


You see it, at least.