How dangerous have libs become in our society

My old hippie friends, and I’m talking about the real deal here, from the free love flower power days, haven’t changed much over the years. They mostly don’t own guns but don’t care that I do. They don’t care that I may have voted differently than them, but they do care, and very deeply, that I am a good and honorable person or they would not wish to be my friend any longer. I’ve had many business dealings with them and they are the absolute best most trustworthy folks I know of, I have never, not once, not even a little bit, been jerked around by them. They complete the work they were tasked with happily or pay for whatever I might have done for them promptly and fully. They are not religious, though most of them are very spiritual, but they respect without question other people’s right to be. They don’t understand what all the fuss is about regarding gay marriage and such, let them get married, who friggin cares? It doesn’t effect other people, at all. They are pro choice, but I know for a fact that some would never under any circumstances get an abortion themselves. Babies are awesome and beautiful. They are anti military industrial complex and anti FOREIGN war but understand that we have a right to defend our homeland. In short, they are among the best human beings on the planet.

They have significant differences with many of today’s “radicalized” libs, but mostly vote democrat and libertarian because there are no politicians like them. You actually have a point in the overall idea behind this thread, but your caricature like views of the left make discussion of the subject with you all but impossible. You have no friggin idea who the left is, only what you have been spoonfed by the politically myopic far right talking heads.


Got a few more mins as my car warms up.

Bear with me, as Im having a little trouble deciphering this one. I think yo’re being coy, but unsure. Because the left is not trying to do away with health ins, and we still support PA laws.

As for the last sentence, aside form you, the only folks in here are liberals [high fives all around, lol].

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Wow. You described a bunch of my politics.

Am I a hippy?

Please don’t tell me I am a hippy.

Dirty hippy… :wink:


Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Projection Lane.


channeling my inner Joe Pesci from Goodfellas

Car warm up, what the ■■■■■ Get ■■■■■■■ moving! Car warm up, I’d do better lettin’ him (pointing to dead guy) ■■■■■■■ drive.


Just think - the Republicans had 16 sane candidates in 2016, and essentially decided to forego all of them. We could have had an actual conservative president, who could have gotten a conservative legislative agenda passed with the republican controlled congress. Then, the republicans would have had an actual positive agenda to run on in 2018 and 2020. Looks at what we’ve had instead.

Such a waste. Sorry guys - the GOP blew it.


And libs are about as dangerous as those safety scissors they hand first-graders to cut things out if construction paper.

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You get a cogent, articulate answer to your OP, and because it doesn’t match your imagined stereotype of a “lib”, you dismiss it out of hand.

Come back when you are actually interested in a discussion, not just your regular"Libz suck!!!" monologue. Until then, what’s the point?


When I went to elementary school, it was in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Every Friday, they served fish. Damn liberals!

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Coincidence after radicalize left want to do away with meats…specially after princess comment? Then came no meat Mondays?

It’s called grooming, preparing kids for that day. :wink:

The pilot program started last spring.

What day are they preparing kids for? The day where they shouldn’t eat meat every day? Because health wise… that is now.

Come on, man.

There is no significant political organization in this country seeking to “do away” with meat. You have to understand that you’re speaking nonsense.

Your fearmongering about post-apocalyptic vegetarian fantasies is the type of thing that just keeps me coming back, day after day.


You need to trademark that.


They’re preparing for the day when all of a sudden, this country will be completely overtaken by a violent and scary, yet also somehow weak and pathetic army of anti-fascist fascists who will take over every level of government around the country and ban all meat.


You keep bringing up no meat mondays? Why does that rile you up so much? A couple of school districts aren’t serving meat on a monday, whats the big deal?

Not very…so called conservatives on other hand…

It starts with no-meat Mondays - and before you know it, the Veganstapo will be banging on your door at 3 am, ready to cart you off to the camps if they find some sausage in your fridge.

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You know that everything has to be a generalization.

A few school officials want a meatless Monday optionat school = Liberals hate meat.
Several Congress critters want green energy = liberals want to get rid of fossil fuels
Some folks endorse what AOC says = liberals want socialism

It’s how AM radio works. Generalize. Get a few to represent the whole. Rinse and repeat topic after topic.


This is worth a thread but I could not help but laugh after reading this OP and then stumbling into this article…Trumpers love to project so much they start to believe their own lies it seems…

"Wohl and fellow provocateur Laura Loomer went to Minneapolis last month to “investigate” whether their quest to prove that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her own brother—a charge based on flimsy blog comments that has been disproven.

Wohl’s videos to his fans were premised on the idea that Minneapolis is an incredibly dangerous place, and often featured him wearing a bulletproof vest. At one point in a new video about their trip, Wohl goes to a Minneapolis police station to report death threats he says he and his team have received since being in the city."