How cool! The prettiest girl in Nevada has testicles!

I know. We’re terrible! Somethings gotta be done!

What do you suggest?

Not bad!:clap:

Great…now he’s just gonna double down…

Seems like a roll of the dice; maybe he should quit while he’s ahead.

the mentally ill left thinks deranged ■■■■ like this is “progress” and so call themselves “progressives”. lol

cracks me up

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i’ll be sure to explain to my kids how sick and deranged lefty fruit bat this organization has now become

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Sony: Because Caucasians are just too damn tall.

Also, this man and all the judges are among the truly crazy people.

the whole miss america thing should be anathema to the supposed pro woman left. Exalting women based on their looks

Shows what a bunch of nonsense the left is

Not one more altered quote.

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Lol that hurt bad!

She has a nice pair of aces down there

Nothing funny about this. Another biological woman loses an opportunity while the left fawns.


I do find the idea that beauty pagents are some sort of sacred psudeo-feminist “right” particularly hilarious.


Some call this progressive

I call it regressive.

Remember when it was not considered proper for women to act, so men played feminine roles?

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Beauty pagents themselves are regressive.


He isn’t a woman at all.

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Silly rabbit, feminists are pageant boosters.

Men can do everything women can do better now whether its glamour woman of the year or winning Miss Nevada seems to be the message. And to think how far forward we have moved in society in the last 20 years.


From this to Miss Nevada

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Seems like it is only regressive if a man identifying as a woman is excluded.