How can Trumpsters logically complain about bad language in the media?

During the GOP primary, Donald J. Trump won 73% (41/56) of all the state contests, and garnered 45% of the popular vote. Trump won 3 of the 4 early bird contests. The only closest competitor was Ted Cruz, and he won only 11 contests and garnered 25% of the popular vote. So in other words, the GOP wanted him to be their nominee and embraced his values.

Just in case, people are living under rock or in a fantasy-state, Trump has done the following in the media:

  • Denigrated women for their facial features, breast size, and weight.
  • Engaged in birtherism for at least 7 years.
  • Made fun of disabled Americans.
  • Claimed that a female commentator was having her period during a presidential debate.
  • Allowed celebrities who called Hillary Clinton the c-word to visit the White House.
  • Bragged about the size of his junk on television.
  • Made the “Grabbin’ by the p-word” remark.
  • Mocked a veteran Senator and war hero for being “captured” and questioned his heroism.
  • Advocated that gun owners kill Hillary Clinton.
  • Frequently calls reporters/commentators dumb and stupid.
  • Called NFL players who protest police brutality and racism SOBs.
  • Curses like a sailor during campaign rallies.

There’s more, but you get the picture.

Now I am not saying all of these “events” are unjustified or jokes/exaggerations gone wrong, but at the same time, you have to be consistent.

If it’s okay for the leader of the free world to be filthy and engage in hate speech, then you cannot logically be offended when Bee uses the C-word or other celebrities using under the belt rhetoric against the President. Otherwise, you simply look silly and hypocritical.

Help me out Trumpsters, where am I going wrong?

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maybe he says what they say?

They can’t. They cling to anything possible, claiming false equivalence, in order to justify the actions of their idols.

They play using Trump’s playbook:

A) If you do it, be unapologetic about it.
B) If the other side does it, go after them for doing it.

How many of Trump’s remarks were planned, scripted, and had assistance by others in writing, editing, and presenting these remarks?

No doubt about it, many of us, including President Trump, need to think before we speak (or also, in Roseanne’s case) before we Tweet. Many of us would prefer more respectful language ALWAYS be used BY EVERYONE when speaking in public or to the public.

Hollywood (which President Trump was formerly a part of) used to censor disrespectful and vulgar comments. However, for some time now, Hollywood (and some media outlets) simply normalized the use of vulgarities and disrespect–and continue to do so. Not only that, they provide staff and resources to get these vulgarities before the people. Then (in Roseanne’s case) act outraged when an individual “steals” what they consider to solely be their own providence, their own thunder.

Citizens calling for a more respectful tone from everyone are being ignored by Hollywood, so the normalization of using vulgarities will not only continue, they will increase and get worse as the current set of vulgarities become cliches.


Not all Trump supporters agree with the crass way he has spoken over the last few years (and presumably did before then).
You can support Trumps politics and agenda, not support the things he has said or the way he said them, and not support the opposition that uses the same or worse language.


I wish Trump was a smooth talking FAKE politician like Obama NOT!

I get the concept that you can support his policies, BUT at the same time, if you’re going to criticize bad language and hate speech, you ALSO need to criticize the President for engaging in foul language and hate speech.

But that doesn’t happen. Trump gets a pass, but people perceived as being left-wing get criticized. That’s the problem.

I am pretty sure President Obama was a real politician.

But beyond that, you did not address the concepts being presented. Stick to the topic at hand.

Get this picture……………………liberals have forced down the throats of Americans the lowest of standards & values! And the GOP just happened to have the “better” of the low standard/value candidate.

Trump WON, HIllary lost…………………get over it!

The liblib fallacy here is that the misogynistic epithet was made against Ivanka. As far as I know, she did not do those things listed in the OP.

Terrible response.

Doesn’t address anything posted.

I have no idea what “values” you think liberals have forced down Americans throats. Statistically speaking, most Americans support abortion, gay marriage, gun control, higher taxes on the wealthy, immigration reform, recreational marijuana, and universal health-care, They do not support “bathroom bills”.

And you falsely assumed I voted for Mrs. Clinton. I didn’t. More over, I do not get hung up on bad language and hate speech from either side of the aisle. That’s what the righties do: Trump’s hate speech is good, Liberal hate speech is bad.

Trump called Rose O’Donnell a pig. He has a history of degrading women.

And where do you come off calling me a liberal? I am a moderate Republican.

Oh right…
Like John McCain, no doubt.

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I am sure you mean that Trump gets a pass from those who are offended by left wing hate speech. But it works the same way in reverse to, so it balances.

Yes, I know the other side does it too. BUT that doesn’t make it right or logical. If the GOP is suppose to be the party of family values and good moral character (I originally thought it was), then they have to live up to its own standards. Lowering your values or selling your soul for a terrible President like Trump is not something the “moral party” should go for.

I don’t take orders from you and I was on topic so whatever.

According to the American Conservative Union, McCain has a conservative voting record. So I am lost on your ridiculous retorts.

Logic has nothing to do with politics.

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Roseanne’s outburst was more than vulgarity. It was racist. Plain and simple.