How can the US end the trade war with China?

I see I’m behind the times. Just saw this:

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China can’t give in, I don’t think. They’d “lose face.”

Trump isn’t going to give in.

So who is going to do what to end the war? (That’s my question.)

My opinion:

What’s the upside for Trump? Someone alluded to it in the thread on Trump asking Japan to buy soybeans…

All the small farms are going to go bankrupt and be bought up for pennies on the dollars by the big farms, owned by multi-millionaires who are Trump’s friends.

Once this farmland has been acquired cheaply, Trump will declare victory and end the tariff war.

The real question is should we be trading with them at all. They are fascist/communist, a legacy of mass murder. We thought letting them in the WTO would end that, but it’s made them worse. So, it’s our greed that’s preventing US from doing the right thing…

That’s not a real question.


China won’t back down because they think in terms of decades, not fiscal quarters, and they can force their companies to take a big economic hit because they’re the majority shareholder in all of them.

If you think they’re not willing to simply wait us out until 2020, I dunno what to tell you. That’s why Trump keeps blinking, turns out they have more patience than the average coked up Manhattan venture capitalist.

he has already blinked with the December tariff announcement


in the same way that “which is better Coke or Pepsi?” is a real question

I thought China paid the tariffs and it wouldn’t hurt Americans at all? :thinking:


who gave you that idea?

Unelect trump