How can Kim (or anybody else) trust Trump?

He has pulled of the TPP. He has pulled out of the Iran deal. He has thrown a temper tantrum at the G7 and refused to sign the communique. He has turned on people at a moments notice…Sessions is but one example.

Why would Kim trust him to keep his word on anything?

It will be interesting to see two congenital liars try to work out a deal.

One lies to us and lied on reality TV.

The other lied to his people, killed his people, and hold his people in throng.

I know which of the two is more ruthless. I also know which of the two has a newfound set of powers and is willing to test the limit of his control of said powers at every chance.

Neither will trust the other. But if Kim compliments Trump’s ego, then Trump will return the favor. Trump is an easy mark.

But since they are both pathological liars, how can any deal be made?

You should never the government.

Soviet satellites that inherited nuclear capabilities after the union dissolved, had to give them up for variety of reasons. If we discount the former Soviet nations, only one country has actually ever dismantled its nuclear weapons.

The apartheid government of South Africa ended its nuclear weapons program and destroyed the bombs prior to handing over the country.

Do you really think Kim Jong Un will give it up?!

I think an equally important question is how can Trump trust Kim? The fact he apparently can is a mindblower.

I agree. The difference is in the history of this nation we have never had a President who is so untrustworthy that it is impossible to separate the integrity of his word with that of of a vicious, murdering, third world dictator.

Simple: Hes a dictatorial despot. Trump hasn’t met one of those yet he didn’t like/trust.

Why would you trust Trump or Un? Can you name a politician who hasn’t lied? I can’t and guess what, I’ve come to expect that due to all the previous administrations. What I want is the unfettered ability to inspect what was agreed to…period.

I wouldn’t trust either one of these losers. That’s why I haven’t really been active in any of the NK summit threads. It’s basically a meeting between 2 heads of state whose respective words are worth about as much as a $3 bill.


Kim’s opening line “Just so you are aware, Vladimir has shared your secrets with me. Now…”

I’ll bet it’s, “can you style my hair like yours”?

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I can’t see any circumstances where we could possibly be able to say for sure that North Korea has given up all it’s nuclear weapons.

Will nobody say, ever.

Don’t wake up grouchy…….work with me here. :sunglasses:

That would be equally effective.

Lol haven’t had my coffee yet…

Kim isn’t going to trust Trump because he is not stupid.

Trump will trust Kim because he is stupid.

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Trump is demonstrably worse about lying than any other president in the last 100 years.