How are we gonna slow down the gigantic increase of our debt?

It’s been growing like crazy since the 80s. Both parties have had turns trying to put the brakes on it. Both parties campaign on addressing it while out of power. I know that many here, deep down, know that if it’s not at least slowed down that our kids are screwed.

So, how do we get the parties to do something about it while they’re in power?

Note: I started this thread on the old board on October 11th, 2013, 6:42 am. The above is word for word.

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Unfortunately I’m not sure that we can.

I personally believe the only way will be with a balanced budget amendment.

D’s take control sure they will cut spending on defence, but then raise spending on social issues.
R’s take control it’s just the opposite.

Oh and the D’s other solution of raising taxes, then raising taxes again, and just for fun raising taxes again is NOT an option in my opinion.

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The Federal government cannot have a balanced budget requirement because deficit spending is critical in times of depressions and recessions.


The first step is term limits. If politicians aren’t working so hard to get re-elected, they’ll stop wasting money to buy votes.

The best most painless way would be to freeze gov spending and programs where they are at expanding only for population growth, inflation etc…

As the economy grows the problem would solve itself. Unfortunately that is not the way we do things.

As JS Mill pointed out in the 1700’s technology or new discoveries or the standard of living increase human nature is to use it to pamper themselves rather than to solve problems.

Thus (adopting the language of stereotypes), the Rs will always use it for more wars and the Ds will always use it for more social engineering schemes and our age old problems will go on being problems.

No need to worry…Fiscal conservatives are now in office!

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Really? Where?

Not possible while the nation is under a coordinated fractional reserve regime.

Extensive government debt is necessary to prop up the monetary and banking system in such a regime.

Balancing the budget and cutting off new debt would collapse our entire monetary and banking system, unless we first transitioned to either a free banking regime or 100% reserve regime.

Cut spending. Cut the military budget in half.


It is in my opinion that since the economy is going good it’s precisely the time to start cutting goverment spending…even if it’s just 1 percent across the board.

you should add in a few more regimes…

Really? They’re all there sitting right next to my sarcasm! :grin:

No, it just means they know how long they can steal for.

I’m guessing you havn’t seen my proposed amendment.

Has two safety valves

1 - 3/4 vote of both house and seante on a declared national emergency. Good for one budget year, can be extended for one additional year.
2 - 3/4 vote of both house and senate of declaration of war. Good for two budget cycles, can be extended 2 times (6 years total).

Deficit and debt do not matter, depending of course on who is in the White House.

I guess the real question is, at least at the moment, are Trump voters going to hold Trump accountable for the exploding deficit.

Don’t forget, Trump said he was going to get rid of the national debt in 8 years. He’s increasing it so he can show us just how awesome he is by then eliminating all of it!

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It’s like Nixon to China only dems can propose the solution. Reps tried.

I love it when internet people “proprose” legislation/Amendments - like what stupid stuff they write on a message board means anything.

Run for office if you think your ideas are so great.

ps- there is never going to be a Balanced Budget Amendment.