How are the contemplated Red Flag Laws

…different from the executive actions Obama took and that Trump over turned, that kept guns out of the hands of those deemed mentally incapable of handling their SS checks?

Will these red flag laws go further?

Obama was a Democrat, so his EO’s were inherently bad for America. Donald Trump is a Republican, so any action he makes regarding Red Flag Laws is going to be good.


It shouldn’t be an EO. That is something congress should put into law, and make sure that it is only after adjudication in a court.


To me there could be an element of propriety in red flag reporting. But I’m concerned about the way some states have implemented their red flags.

In some states the person reporting a gin owner needs to be a family member or a professional from certain fields (law enforcement, medical, … things that have legitimate ways to know of a problem and have some credibility behind the report). Other states accept a red flag report from anyone. And that can lead to revenge reporting, swatting pranks and other nefarious reasons. It reeks of Hitler youth reporting.

But look at the El Paso shooter. His mother reported him long before the shooting. Her stated reason carried no weight (she didn’t think he needed an AR-15 at the age of 21.) But it seems evident to me that she knew something was wrong. Maybe she couldn’t bring herself to word her report more strongly because it was her own son. I can only speculate.

People sometimes know things before someone snaps. We need to find a way to do something with that, without the mechanism turning into a legal way to harass someone you don’t like.

Boy, that’s such a tragedy…

And you’re right. maybe - speculation of course - she knew something but just couldn’t say it out loud on the phone…it’s her son after all…jeez…awful to think about…

I agree with your other points as well. it’s hard to imagine how you treat every one fair here…and additional to your concerns, what makes us think the dangerous people will get in front of a doctor or law enforcement and exhibit worrisome behavior? and also, those professions aren’t above mistakes, or vindictive behavior…

But I thought Obama’s EO was pretty balanced - and certainly not a cure all. but if I understand it correctly, if you have issues that prevent you from handling your SS check, your name is put in the background check database and you can’t buy a gun either.

So in this case, the SS department is doing the adjudicating. Hard to imagine that getting abused. And the bar is probably pretty high on ‘not well enough to handle your own SS check…’

How many mass shooters had been previously determined to be incapable of handling their SS checks?

I guess you missed the part of my post where I said ‘and certainly not a cure all’.

Do you have a problem with Obama’s EO?

I guess you made an irrelevant statement instead of answering my question.
There may be a problem. Under what law was the EO issued?

Teens who have had contact with law enforcement over violent threats or activity should carry these recorded iinstances into adulthood. That perhaps could prevent a purchase of a weapon at the point of a background check.

Trump needs to be careful and not play into hands of libs.

They want Trump to do this…not because it will help…it won’t. They want top drive a wedge between Trump and part of his base.

That’s the goal of this law.

Why wouldn’t it help?

NY Sen. Chuck Schumer has already squealed the Senate proposed “red flag” laws are “not enough”.
Way to go Chuck! Nothing like that good ole liberal-socialist partisanship to get some solutions :yum:

Also, I think we all know it’s impossible to drive a wedge between trump’s base and trump.

You guys forgive him for everything.

You need to learn when something you are posting is stupid.

Oh stop. You know it’s true - not for you. But for most trump supporters here.

That’s an abject fabrication.

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