How about our new wall!

Today Trump sent out this tweet about our new wall. Shortly after MSNBC did a fact check and acknowledged that there are three areas along the border which have been undergoing replacement and repair. This picture is part of the project that was recently completed. It is not a new section of wall. Just a replaced section.

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Such a bold faced liar! Unreal!

This is how he will get his fanboys to believe he is building his big beautiful wall.

It will not be reported on Fox or other right wing media sites that it is repair of already existing barriers on the border. So, they will be duped by Donald once again.

Once again you guys are brainwashed by left-wing media. Trump has said numerous times that large portions of the wall just need repaired and or rebuilt, and other sections need new walls built because their isn’t a existing wall. And you should do some research, because all most all the Dems protesting against the wall have all voted for it just a few years ago. Dems will put American lives at stake at any cost to keep Trump from full filling a campaign promise and the main reason he was elected for. It’s not “Trump’s wall”… It’s the American people’s wall that elected a president to carry out their concerns about border security and illegal imigration.

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The bills that the Democrats voted for were for comprehensive border security that included personnel, video and motion sensors, fencing and secure barricades. And all of the bills had details included from Homeland on how and where all of the dollars would be spent. There has never been a bill just for a wall.
And this administration has been asked and has to date failed to provide details on how and where the requested money will be spent. That alone should be a red flag for all taxpayers. I agree that Trump has commented in the past about repair and replace. But today he tried to sell one of the repairs and being a new wall.


It’s just hypocrisy and pure politics to me. The only reason anyone is fighting him about “the wall” is because it will give Trump a win, and Dems hate the guy for everything he does and wants. If it was Obama wanting to build the wall, all’s Dems and left-wing media would be promoting the crap out of it. Maybe Trump should get the money for the wall from the same place Obama got the $150+ billion dollars that he gave Iran with no congressional approval.

You really need to do your homework. The $155B (the number Trump likes to use) was not taxpayer dollars but money that was Iran’s asset’s and frozen in banks around the world. And the Treasury Department has estimated that after Iran completes all of the obligations that it agreed to to collect the money, the final total will be about $55B.

Did you complain when the Republicans blocked almost everything that Obama tried to do? I will admit that the Democrats do not want Trump to have a win. But I also believe that they do believe that this is a total misuse of money. Trump does not care about border security. He wants the win on a campaign promise which the CEC has convinced him that he is done for if he doesn’t get it. And if he can’t have the win he wants the fight, all the way to November 2020. This is a manufactured crisis and totally stupid.


Jim Acosta agrees… walls work

Remember in The Art of the Deal when Trump had a project going and an investor was coming in for a site visit? The project was behind schedule and over budget, so Trump told workers to move piles of soil around with heavy equipment so it appeared as if work was being completed. The reality, though, was that it was a sham. Nothing was being done. Trump bragged about it in the book.

And that is a metaphor for his entire existence. That is his overall perspective on everything in life: lie to people to get what you want. Move piles of dirt and swindle rubes. That is Trump.


This post is completely and wholly inaccurate and shows no connection to objective reality whatsoever. Fascinating. Lol


Now Trump is supposed to go to Iran for the money? First it’s Mexico paying for the wall and not it’s Iran?

You now of course that the money you speak of were Iranian assets frozen so they were getting their own money and assets back right? (Of course maybe you didn’t know.)

“An AP Fact Check published April 24, 2018, found there was no such payment. According to the article, the money Trump refers to represents Iranian assets held abroad that were frozen until a deal was reached in 2015 to curb Iran’s nuclear program and ease sanctions. Tehran was then allowed access to its funds.”




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lets see how is it you lefties agree with fervor…

oh yeah

THIS. THIS. THIS THIS ^^^^. this! this and this^^

Was their fact checking wrong?

No not this…

Republicans had the house, senate and White House. They didn’t get it done. Now that they lost the house… it’s a crisis.

Trumps win would be having Mexico pay for the wall… even if he got his money… it’s not Mexican pesos.

Slam Dunk! Yowza!

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Fake Crisis. Its only a Crisis because Russia is heavy on his shoulders.

Did you put a lot of thought into that?

it takes only a lowly thinking man to see what a joke they are

dont worry we’ll do that thinkin for ya

how exactly is russia “heavy on his shoulders?”

remember now, you are a genius