How about a "New members" thread/area?

May I suggest a thread or area for new members, especially ones coming over from the old place just to let everyone know they’re here?

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It’s not too hard to tell. Except for those shifty bastards who change their names and/or avatars. :slight_smile:

I think that would be a good idea. A thread for new members to introduce themselves, and a thread for old-timers to give roll call :slight_smile:

I’ve been talking with a few old members that haven’t been here awhile. I think a couple have come back already and there will probably be more when word gets around. But yeah, I thought as you did. It’d be nice to know who’s coming in.


Hey I like my new avitar. I don’t think anyone can really see what it is or what it says, but it makes me chukcle


A chess piece, with Donald’s or maybe JFK’s head on it? The words, I have no clue.

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This was the first set of 3D prints for a friend during the election. Pawn’s with Clinton and Trump heads yelling at each other (trump yelling: Your a liar. Clinton yelling well your disgusting.)

The 3D print afer the elction for the same friend. The king chess piece (with crown) with Trumps head saying “I am president elect Trump! Now can anyone tell me where that Pawn Hillary Went”

Friend fell out of their chair laughing at both of them. To bad I didn’t take a picture of when I 3D printed the white house and put king trump on it :smile:


it’s a chess piece, modified in some way, and giving a statement.

I have slept on the floor in some places when I’m away from family and living my intentionally simple spartan life. The wall sockets … I’ve made friends with wall sockets in the same way Tom Hanks made friends with a volleyball.

Always the look of surprise!

Your avatar… the anthropomorphized chess piece reminds me of those days.

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