How a real patriot celebrates Memorial Day

Good to see Bill and Hillary marching in the Memorial Day parade in Chautauqua. She posted this on

“Always such a joy to march in Chappaqua’s Memorial Day parade. Wishing everyone a lovely day of reflection and gratitude for all those who have served and sacrificed for the country we all love.”

What did Donald do on Memorial Day? Ranted at Democrats. Nice one. Another example of a president who can’t get anything right.

Good to see her walking.

She should have been President! :rofl: :rofl:

How far did she get before they rushed her into the black suburban?

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It was her turn!

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And that’s why DEMs are obsessed with everything Trump. He denied them their rightful heir to the throne.


They didn’t know he went to Arlington.

Attention Trump worshipers:

Hillary lost. Get over it.

That is all.

Attention albatross wearers. Continue to wear your albatross.

That is all.

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Yep before his trip to Japan. Question is whether they knew it and simply ignored it or whether they really didn’t know.

They didn’t know.

To be fair, Donald did offer a 25% discount on his merchandise to honor the fallen.


Care to provide a link?

So then why do we have this thread started by one of the Liberal members of the board.


She didn’t use a golf cart? That’s new.

Cankles make you walk good.

She has a smock for every occasion.

No I do not. Feel free to take that as proof of fake news, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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So then you were being intentionally dishonest with your claim?

Please don’t stop.

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