House votes on Iran War Powers resolution

Holy mackerel! What will the senate do with this?

Has anyone checked on Moscow Mitch to make sure he hasn’t had a cardiac episode?

Gosh I hope he’s ok.

Hopefully. He’s got to be stressed out right about now.

GAETZ voted with the majority!

Retreating into his shell.

so did the majority of Republicans.

No. The actual vote on the limit only got 3 Republicans.
Im not clear what the vote was for on the OP screen shot? Was it the vote to have the vote? Im not sure

You are correct, sir!

I’m trying to find a roll call to see what other Trumpsters did. Nunes? McCarthy? Scalice? Cheney? Gosar? Collins?

Non binding from my understanding.


The adoption of the measure 224-194 on a largely party-line vote came amid heightened tensions between the two countries after the United States killed top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Iran retaliated with a ballistic missile attack against Iraqi airbases housing U.S. forces.

Republicans Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Matt Gaetz and Francis Rooney, both of Florida, voted for the measure, while eight Democrats voted against it: Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Kendra Horn of Oklahoma, Elaine Luria of Virginia, Ben McAdams of Utah, Anthony Brindisi, Stephanie Murphy and Max Rose, all of New York.

I have it on good authority that Congress flexing it’s authority to make war is “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!”

Sort of surprised to see that Matt Gaetz voted for the bill. I will bet he doesn’t get to go to another ball game with the prez.

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HR 5078 has nothing to do with war powers.

Here’s the final vote for war powers: