House Republicans Vote to Cut Benefits for Veterans

One major plank is the spending bill Kevin McCarthy cobbled together with the House Republican caucus last week is a major cut in programs to support military veterans.

This is ethically dubious: because people who served in our military should be given the full support of patriotic Americans

This is politically stupid: because every Republican running in a competitive district is going to have to answer for why they wanted to reduced spending on veterans programs.

Anybody care to speak up for the House majority?

The left is pretending to give a â– â– â– â–  about Veterans again. Election season is definitely getting close. :rofl:


So providing full funding for veterans programs is pretending, while slashing more than 20% from those programs is a demonstration of support.

That’s nonsense. The Republican majority just voted to slash funds for veterans that Democrats all voted to protect.

Up is still up in the actual world.

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You posted a dripping tabloid piece written by Mark Takano, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Chris Deluzio. No links, no sources, no quotes. Just a straw and a huge slurp.

Talk about bottom of the barrel scraping.



Are all veteran’s programs of benefit to veterans?

Thanks to Trump, I don’t even have to deal with the worthless VA anymore. My civilian doctor even sends them the bill for me.


Here’s another piece on the same issue in case you are not convinced.

The cut to veteran’s funding is in the Republican Budget Bill. Why do so many arguments from modern day conservatives consist of their insisting that the facts of the matter are not the facts.

The cuts are in the budget. Address that rather than pretending they are not there.

I read the actual source days ago, I see right past your BS. I’m not some aged out tabloid fanatic or some never-has-been pretending along with their puppet masters during election season. I’m up to date on reality. :wink:


So demonstrate that you are up to date on reality and address whether or not you support the Republican effort to take funding away from veterans.

I am opposed. What is your position?

Oh, you still haven’t read anything other than whatever tabloid gossip you can Google on the fly?

Go read it first, then come talk to the actual has-beens. :wink:

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The cuts are real. You are deflecting.Do you support oppose the Republican effort to cut 22% from programs for veterans?

I’ll wait until you find the actual sources and actual quotes (you obviously still haven’t yet :rofl: ), then I’ll get back to laughing at the idea that the left (especially the never-has-beens) isn’t lying through their rotten teeth about ever giving an actual ■■■■ about the Military.

It’d be better if you didn’t pretend to be outraged on my behalf. It looks really stupid. :slight_smile:


I could play the same game, refusing to talk about actual issues until you show me a source.

But I recognize that you have run for cover behind a rhetorical dodge because you are unwilling to acknowledge that McCarthy and his R supports don’t care a bit about veterans or anyone else other than the the big money donor who support the party.

I hope the Kool-Aid is a flavor you like, because you appear to be consuming gallons of it.

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If you can’t be arsed to educate yourself, neither can I. :wink:

Someone much more charitable than I will eventually be along to entertain your faux-outrage. I’ll be getting a tan today as I prep the pool, stoned off my ass without a care in the world. Pace yourself. lol

Anywho, us actual Veterans know what we’re doing. There’s no need to keep pretending like you’re doing anything other than. :upside_down_face:


I really don’t get the end game for McCarthy here. He makes his caucus vote for cuts for veterans. Every democrat is going to run this as a campaign ad. This is not going anywhere in the senate. And it still doesn’t get him out of the debt ceiling trap he caused himself.


I wonder if that lib knows he just got his ass kicked.

Thank you…enjoy your day.


Every campaign ad…


"Veterans are blasting the debt ceiling legislation passed by the Republican-controlled House this week, warning it will cut key programs and services for the nation’s retired service members.

that would mean 81,000 jobs lost in the department’s health services, 30 million fewer outpatient visits for veterans and an increase of disability backlogs by 134,000 claims, among a range of other concerns.

Sarah Streyder, the executive director of the nonpartisan group Secure Families Initiative — which represents active-duty families but coordinates closely with the VA for client services — said there are already backlogs and waitlists at the VA that would be further exacerbated by the GOP budget proposal.

Streyder said whether the bill passes or not, the “harm is already being done” and the legislation is a “huge ding in morale” for the military, service members and veterans."

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There is a proposed reduction in the increase of overall government spending. A couple of Democrats have honed in on veterans healthcare spending, even though the cuts are not specifically aimed that way.
Start by cutting out programs that pay people not to work without having to look for jobs. The Covid panic is over.


So as long as the cuts weren’t aimed that way, you’re good with them. Think of it as death from friendly fire. Still death.

The R’s chose the programs to exclude from cuts. They did not chose to exclude Veteran’s Affairs. Are you okay with that?

Biden’s move. Instead of rushing to supporting media, meet with Republicans and iron these out.