House panel to take formal steps on impeachment probe next week

Better late than never.

Under resolution, committee staff counsels can question witnesses.

The resolution also will spell out how secret grand jury information can be reviewed in classified sessions. And it will say that the President’s counsel can respond in writing to the committee.

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Well we knew it was gonna happen. I’d rather we not go the impeachment Route.

As per my longstanding view, unless they have a plausible chance of conviction, they should not even pursue impeachment.

Both Houses of Congress have inherent subpoena powers that can be pressed independently of impeachment.

It is a distraction that is not useful for Democratic Presidential candidates at this point.


We’ll just subpoena everything and maybe somewhere we will find something to impeach over.

Yeah, that has a good look to it.

Do it.

Absolutely, let’s have impeachment hearings going into the 2020 election.

When is Karl Rove getting indicted? Shouldn’t they complete that issue before they start on another?

Keeping the crazies engaged after the collusion flop.

Impeach away. Impeach away.

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Honestly, this is a bad strategy. If anything, this will just make a martyr of Trump and his ilk. Much better to let the voters give Trump his eviction papers next November - then let the SDNY deal with him. That will be a LOT more effective.

Doing a probe that will never actually run easily in charges pleases the base while Pelosi will never actually allow charges to be brought and give the cultists a flag to rally around (unless some Warren Harding type ■■■■ comes up).

Seems like King Solomon-esque solution to me.

This IS good news. Libs keep putting themselves in front of the camera, exposing their craziness and hurting themselves politically with lefties, that aren’t as crazy.

They should wait to see if he loses anyway.

Oversight is scary.

Still waiting to hear from those swing district dimocrats.

Anyone of them on record yet?

It’s suburban woman. The ones that actually care about all the stupid ■■■■ Trump does. You won’t even see it coming until election day.

ETA: Another group that will sneak up on Trump will be Hillary negatives voters. These voters returning because they too cant stand the stupid ■■■■ Trump has been doing will be a surprise on election day.

Sorry. We’re not talking about elections.

dimocrats are talking about impeachment. Try to keep up.

When is Hillary and Comey going to get indicted?? The Republicans have been running the DOJ for over 2 1/2 years, but they never got indicted.

they intend to

do you think they are going to rely on their clown cadidates?

Hey if they want to burn their own ship I’ll happily help provide the fuel.

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jerry “the hut” nadler thinks this is what the country needs

What the country needs is a huge enema to wash away people like Nadler.