House Oversight to vote on Barr, Ross subpoenas over census citizenship question

First subpoena’s for the administration coming soon…

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Now that actual oversight has started, Trump voters need to hope that all of his staff, all of his nominees and all of their staffs, and everyone that worked for him behind the scenes or in his businesses, are totally loyal to Trump, his family, all his nominees and his employees. They need to hope there are zero financial crimes.

And that there aren’t more mistresses or payments to mistresses (and all the complications associated with sleeping around).

This particular first step is far from where the oversight is going. It’s probably why the people put Democrats back in control of the House. They’re tired of not knowing what’s going on.

Many of Trump’s supporters have been under the mistaken belief that the executive branch is somehow all powerful and calls the shots. Given the last two years of the GOP controlling congress and the presidency seems to have lulled them into this idea. You can see this in the mistaken assumptions around the Mueller report and the power of the house to get information from the DOJ.

For many of his supporters, the next two years are going to be very uncomfortable…

It’s my belief that a small group of Trump voters have finally figured out that he’s always been a dirty business person. And now they’re just praying that he doesn’t get investigated and are using every excuse to prevent that he gets investigated. Regardless if it’s legal or appropriate or the job of Congress or if it’s in the best interest if our country.

You just keep the witch hunts going and Trump will ride it back into the White House in 2020. Plus don’t get to comfortable in the house you might be in the minority again in 2020.
Remember when Obama was first elected and the democrat believed with their super majority that they had a mandate from the people to rule forever. Two years later they learned different.

As opposed to letting Trump do whatever he wants? Maybe then the Democrats would have a chance to win?

After a ton of people predicted Hillary winning, you’d think people would know not to predict this far in advance. Or even the night before.

It’s all up to the swing voters yet again.

And there certainly wasn’t a witch hunt out for for Hillary either.

American citizens are irrelevant to some Democrats with all the illegal aliens in their districts.

Benghazi’s not over for Hillary thanks to Judicial Watch.

Yeah…something as wild and crazy as asking on the next US Census whether or not you’re a legal citizen should be investigated by Congress?

When the DOJ violates the law to do so, yes. Next question…

Democrats want illegals participating in the census. Why am I not surprised?

They already are represented in the census by law… Are you suggesting they shouldn’t count in the census? This question did not exclude them from the census even if implemented.

Quick! Someone tell the president the citizenship question hasn’t been on census in 49 years before he look like an, oh, never mind…


Oh…since when did you care about laws?

Since when did you?

It really is over. Let go little Plankton, let go.

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:rofl::rofl: plankton, sorry but JW won’t let go!

Neither will Fox New, OAN, Infowars, Qanon…