House of Representatives may subpoena Trump's bank records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One

A federal appeals court has ruled that Deutsche Bank and Capital One can hand over years of Trump’s financial records in compliance with House Democrats’ subpoenas.
Trump has seven days to appeal then most likely go to the SCOTUS.

Why is trump going to these extraordinary steps to hide his tax records? What’s he hiding?

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Angry tweets from Trump to follow in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …

We all said this was gonna happen…and here we are…
I assume he will appeal this as well to delay it.

I don’t think fat donald will be tweeting until later, he’s too busy being an idiot overseas.

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He didn’t have a clue when they asked him that question

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Because he’s a ■■■■■■■ idiot.

:roll_eyes: Another activist judge ruling that will be overturned in the Supreme Court.

He’s definitely embarrassing himself so therefore embarrassing US.

However, this is all fine with the Always Trumpers, their lord and savior can do no wrong. I bet they believe he’s over there doing a fine job and handling business going after our allies. Still too much of a coward to say ■■■■ to Putin.

A judge abiding by the law that goes against your guy is an activist now. Sure…okay. :roll_eyes:

Good luck on that appeal…

This is trump suing as a private citizen. Not president.


One judge appointed by Carter and two appointed by George W Bush.


He really is am absolute idiot. He doesnt want to comment which is then followed by a comment.

I could not defend this stupidity in any politician that had my support but we all know Trumpists will explain why his comment is not a comment. Probably something along the lines that he made a statement not a comment.


■■■■■■■ Dunning-Kruger POTUS. Someone obviously briefed him on how stupid he was and he had to send a follow-up tweet:

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Obviously, fat donald didn’t tweet that himself. :rofl:


Yeah…his gatekeepers definitely doing some cleanup. LOL

So 3 of them not one ;p

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Had to really point out the word freedom…what utter trash

Years ago on the old boards someone ask the difference between an activist and constitutionalist judge. I told them if you agree with their rulings then they’re a constitutionalist. If you don’t then they’re an activist.


He has a hard time with “FREE”… Because he doesn’t understand how much kickback he gets…

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He has a hard time with pretty much everything. He’s clearly going senile.