House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Signs Resolution To Censure adam schiff

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy today signed a resolution to Censure adam schiff (D - Treason).

As we all know, last week during a nationally televised hearing of The United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman schiff shared his fantasy of what was said on a phone call that anyone can see the actual TRANSCRIPT of.

Censure really doesn’t seem strong enough.



Prediction on the number of votes this resolution will get?

This censure has about as much chance of getting through the House as a conviction of Trump based on current evidence has of getting through the Senate.


All of this is weaponized politics.

McCarthy’s resolution is in response to Schiff’s weaponization of House procedures.

Everyone is attacking everyone else.

We’ve become a banana republic.



Don’t resolutions of censure like this have to be voted on in the house. Surely you can’t just have one member sign a resolution and bam…another member is censured? Did I miss something?

Wake up.


Schiff is just doing what most of the dems (which includes the media) have been doing since Trump won. Going insane and believing their own lies…


Schiff very clearly stated what he was reading was NOT what the president said.

I can’t believe this is what the right is focusing on.

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That’s funny.


That’s what I keep thinking. If attacking Schiff’s parody speech is the best line of attack Trump can muster, maybe he really is in trouble.

Perhaps a TRANSCRIPT highlighting the part where he “very clearly stated what he was reading was NOT what the president said” would clear this right up so we can stay focused on other things.

Do you have such a TRANSCRIPT??


I agree…but I don’t think it will ever get to senate. But if it does it won’t be until late spring or early summer.

The senate is basically a trial with subpoena powers. So the will drag this out as long as they can to harass Trump administration while Trump can’t fight back.

It’s a fake impeachment.

I’ll do you one better, you can watch it here.

Why shouldn’t the minority party take its chance at the podium?


Yeah…this isn’t happening

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McCarthy, the guy who went after Clinton and then admitted it was to derailed her presidential campaign?

Maybe he sees a lot of himself in Adam Schiff, Washington is the scum of the country after all.

This is the transcript:

It reads like a classic organized crime shakedown. Shorn of its rambling character and in not so many words, this is the essence of what the president communicates


They need to run with this, the desperate flailing is hilarious. :laughing:

I’ve already seen it.

It doesn’t say what you claimed.

Perhaps a TRANSCRIPT will clear things up.