House hearing in Manhattan

Interesting morning in Manhattan.

There’s a Congressional hearing going on in Manhattan re: crime and the impact of the policies of DA Alvin Bragg on the community.

Committee chair Jim Jordan made his opening statement, followed by term limits poster child Jerry Nadler ( seriously what is it with politicians like Bragg and Nadler who desperately need nutrisystem) yammering something about an effort to defend Donald Trump…. Followed by Mr Jordan introducing a group
witnesses none of whom had a damn thing to do with Donald Trump!

People like the man Bragg threw into Rikers for defending his life in a Bodega, the girl friend of a murder victim (I think a cop I’m listening on my phone)…

Will Trump’s name come up…probably.

But Nadler was literally being laughed at while making his ridiculous opening statement…

Pretty telling moment to me.

But don’t worry the lefty media is in on the game. This was posted 8 minutes before I started this post.

It’s just telling to me that in between Jordan introducing the hearing and introducing a group of witnesses not connected to Trump Nadler (aka one of the biggest both literally and physically reasons for term limits) went off on a Trump rant.


Yeah the hearing isn’t there because of President Trump… :joy: :joy:


Sounds like competing hearings designed to D⁶ away from Trump.


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I started the thread then saw the neighbors cows were out…happily dining on my hay.

Haven’t paid much attention to the hearing since sorry your not supposed to start threads and leave.


Here are some of the witnesses at this hearing and what they have said. This is a victims if violent crime hearing…

“ The witnesses scheduled to testify include advocates for victim’s rights and Jose Alba, a bodega worker who was charged with murder in a killing that was later ruled self-defense, and the charges were dropped.

“There is shoplifting, there’s boosting, there’s assaults, there’s rapes, there’s a nonstop crime. You look on 57th Street alone from east to west, it’s become a danger zone,” said Curtis Sliwa, former candidate for NYC Mayor, and head of the Guardian Angels.

“We were treated like garbage! Like garbage!” said Madeline Brame, the victim’s mother.

Brame did not hold back her disdain for DA Bragg.

She’s angry that after her son, Army Veteran Hassan Correa was murdered in Harlem, Bragg’s office took over the case, decided the evidence was not sufficient, and downgraded the charges.

“Travis Stewart, dismissed his gang assault. Travis will be out in the next 18 months. Mary Saunders is currently walking the streets of Harlem, home with her family, home with her children, if that’s not a threat to public safety I don’t know what is,” Councilman Robert Holden said.

I didn’t see anything in there about Trump?


Here’s a link if you want to watch.

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Curtis Sliwa? Sounds like a clown show.


Some lunatic lib named Johnson from Georgia just insulted all of the witnesses as Trump MAGA republican plants …

Apparently these people’s stories don’t matter as much as lib politics.

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Jim Jordan is awful
Bragg is awful

Maybe it eases the vast amount of boot-licking on display because it puts attention on Bragg, but it’s hard to get past.

This political showboating is what drives me crazy

This is a real waste of time by people who should be legislating. Congress does not have oversight over Bragg.

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Performative BS.

On brand.

They don’t care about crime in New York.

They only care about Donald Trump.

I’ll ignore their playacting nonsense.

Maybe they could go have a hearing where some teenagers were killed at a birthday party in Alabama.

No, nothing about Donald Trump is happening there.

Here is testimony from a lady named Madelaine Brame. Her son served the country in the military and was murdered in New York.

Here’s her story…The mom of a US Army veteran railed against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Thursday, calling the soft-on-crime prosecutor “not fit to be a dog catcher” for his handling of her son’s slaying.

Madeline Brame, who is set to be a witness at the upcoming House committee hearing on Bragg’s actions in Manhattan next week, told The Post that the DA went soft in the killing of vet Hason Correa within months of taking office last year.

“As soon as his office received it the whole case fell apart,” Brame said. “I would say to Alvin Bragg until he has to go to the morgue to identify his child’s dead body, or stand in the funeral parlor and lean over their caskets and see their child laying in the casket, he will never understand." Mom of slain Army vet Hason Correa rails against Alvin Bragg

The people responsible all pled to lesser crimes for lighter sentences…One got off for time served. Here’s her response. A mother whose Army vet son was stabbed to death in Harlem in 2018 ripped Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in an open letter over his decision to offer plea deals to two defendants in the case.

Madeline Brame, who sent the letter to Bragg and Gov. Kathy Hochul, claims the DA didn’t communicate with her before they decided to offer the plea deals, which let one of the defendants off on time served.

“You violated my rights as a crime victim to be fully informed, and to be heard,” Brame wrote in the letter sent Thursday.

“Why would you dismiss murder charges against half of the participants, when the murder and their roles were caught on video?” Mother of Hason Correa rips DA Alvin Bragg for giving plea deals

Hearing from the families and victims of crime…In a city where the politically motivated district attorney appears to have dedicated an in ordinate amount of time and money to one man while reducing what, half of the felonies on his watch to misdemeanors? I think these people need to be heard…

Democrats didn’t want hearings at the overrun southern border…Now they don’t want hearings in crime infested cities governed by Democrats. It’s almost like Democrats don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t fit their stupid narratives.


Here’s Testimony from Jose Alba…The Bodega Owner who Alvin Bragg sent to Rikers Island for the crime of defending his own life…

Some liberal on that committee called this man and all the witnesses “Ultra Maga Republican plants”.


The Dems understand all they have to do is label the victims “Trump supporters” and their base will immediately tune out or blame the victims. Reading the third sentence of an opening paragraph is asking too much from that bunch.

Does federal money go to his office?
Was Federal money given to him to investigate Trump?
What sort of restrictions might be put on tax dollars going to DAs?
Does it make sense to fund police in areas where DAs don’t prosecute crimes?
Are any federal laws at play here? Should they be?

And…what sort of laws and regulations came out of the months long televised Jan6 hearing?


Did Jerry Nads ■■■■ himself during his Trump diatribe?
It’s no wonder those in attendance were laughing :crazy_face:


Bragg is a worthless turd that needs flushing. He should be disbarred for not upholding the law.