House GOP Errs in Demanding Bragg Testify about Trump Case

This is not about what anybody thinks about Bragg and Trump, any prosecution or potential prosecution.

This is about federalism.

The United States House of Representatives has ZERO oversight power over a State prosecutor. They have no right and no authority to either ask him to voluntarily testify or to compel him to testify. That is the EXCLUSIVE purview of the New York State Legislature.

Many here have repeatedly stood on the issue of federalism and if they are not to be seen as hypocrites on the issue, than they need to stand up and denounce the GOP House Members for attempting this entirely inappropriate stunt that blatantly violates federalism.

The National Review is absolutely correct here. The House GOP is out of line on this issue. The House GOP’s request is unconstitutional and Bragg should tell them to eat ■■■■■

If they attempt to compel him with a subpoena and/or contempt order, he can and should file a motion to quash in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, who will likely grant said motion on the grounds that the House of Representatives lacks constitutional subject matter jurisdiction to issue a subpoena.

This is a perfect moment to stand up for federalism by opposing this blatantly unconstitutional request.

And again, it is either you are for federalism in all cases or against federalism in all cases.

If you support federalism, but support the House GOP’s action, that is hypocrisy.


The House GOP is trying their best to support Trump by trying to convince the public that they are just doing a basic oversight of the spending of federal funds for a state investigation. And once again they are going to spend taxpayer money to find out that their which hunt is baseless. But if federal funds were used, I do hope that those responsible will be held accountable.

Quoting from the NR article:

In their letter, the GOP chairmen highlight the federal dollars Washington sends to states as a pretext to claim federal dominion over state agencies and officials — just like good progressive Democrats.

It is kind of morbidly humorous that Republicans are combatting Democrats — by behaving like Democrats.

No. Federal money does NOT grant Congress plenary power to oversee a State prosecutor. A ridiculous notion on its face.

Rodger that. Some House Republicans are getting desperate to nail to the cross Biden and anyone in his administration. They are putting their eggs into a basket that IMHO will not prove one damn violation of the law. And in the end, they will all look pretty foolish doing it.

And they are doing it in defense of a piece of ■■■■ (Trump) who has done more than anybody else to totally screw Republicans, such as screwing them out of several Senate seats in 2022 with his dumb recommendations as well as screwing them out of both Georgia Senate seats in 2020 with his stupidity.

They are still too ■■■■■■■ spineless to kick his ass to the curb for good.

I can only guess this is part of the deal McCarthy made with the clownshow to get them on board.

Yeah, but I can see why. There are areas of this country that are still majority Trump friendly. It was funny a couple of weeks ago that I watched Brian Kilmeade on Fox News go to a Iowa Restaurant. He was promoting DeSantis as the primary Republican front runner. And when he asked the locals who their favorite was he got three “Trump” responses in a row. So he spotted a woman wearing a DeSantis shirt and went up to her and asked who was her favorite. And she said “Trump”. And the look on his face was priceless. It was a combination of frustration and mad that the producers had put him in that situation.
Was mucho funny.

Some say Trump will be gone and all these psycho losers are gonna be in a world of withdrawal. :rofl:

No, it’s NEVER about that.

Too funny.

And predictable.

Some people can’t see past their rage and hatred.

And what if the prosecution is just s stunt to preclude Trump from running, isn’t that a federal issue?


Maybe, but Saf isn’t one of them.

It’s being reported on the radio this morning that Bragg is withholding about 600 documents that would clear Trump.

A fellow named Bob Costello is making the claims and also saying that Cohen made statements under oath in his own trial and is saying just the opposite under oath against Trump.

These things need looking into imo.

Bring Bragg’s arse in and make him testify under oath.


Sorry Saffy. Abusing prosecutorial authority to conspire to eliminate the leading candidate for federal office most certainly qualifies the dullard Alvin Bragg for all the legal consequences coming his way.

Nothing to do with federalism. Nice try.


Typically no. Sometimes he tries to put his pants on two legs at a time. This is one of them.

The USA does not do political prosecutions.

Where can I find “stunt to preclude someone from running for President” in either federal or state law? What law would govern that?

And as Lyndon Larouche showed, one can run for President from jail, so Trump’s not precluded from running if indicted.

I kind of agree. If one political party starts using state DAs to wipe out the national office candidates of the other party, it sort of becomes a federal issue. Apparently federal investigations of state police systems is no problem, even getting them to agree to make changes to their policies.


Let’s assume for the sake of argument these things are true.

It still is a matter for state, not federal, oversight.

Under what federal law?

This is a congressional hearing. If there is a potential federal or constitutional issue, then congress can hold hearings to determine if a new law is needed.

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This did not answer my question,

Under what federal law does Congress have the authority to investigate this?