House fails to override President Trumps Veto

Trumps on a roll this week.

Clear of charges by Muellers investigation and now:

The House of Representatives failed to pass a resolution on Tuesday that would override President Trump’s first veto and let stand his declaration of a national emergency at the Mexican border.

So I guess let the liberal and never trumper lawsuits start :smile:

Trump supporters said he was simply acting under a 1976 law that lets presidents declare national emergencies. Trump’s declaration was the 60th presidential emergency under that statute, but the first aimed at spending that Congress explicitly denied, according to New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, which tracks the law.

Wonder why none of the other 59 presidential emergency declarations have never been challenged by congress. Probably because none of them were named Trump :smile:


And the power of the executive grow evermore so…

Congratulations to Trump for being on the wrong side of bipartisan condemnation of his “emergency” declaration.

How so?

used 59 times previously . . . . did it grow any more than the previous 59 times with use of the law for the 60th time?

Is there a National Emergency that all of a sudden popped up in the third year of his term that merits him seizing appropriations power from Congress and one party letting him do it?

The same party that controlled the purse strings the first two years of the President’s term?

I am amazed that “Conservatives” support this.


How many times before did the president declare a national emergency just because congress told them they were not going to fund a program?

I mean, when you have totally abandoned any principles you once had in order to support a lazy, lying, ignorant grifter, why stop now?

There was no way Trump’s veto would be overridden in Congress, given the number of votes the Republicans could muster, but there is no reason why this will affect the lawsuits challenging Trump’s expansion of Executive power.

If you really are wondering why this “Emergency” is being challenged, it is the first use of the National Emergency:

  1. Where the President has twice declared subsequently it is not an emergency, just an effort to speed up a policy he prefers
  2. Where the emergency addresses a long term issue that is substantially abating rather than response to short term crisis
  3. Where the emergency was called specifically to override a Congressional funding decision.


More likely because exactly zero of those emergencies sought to directly supercede the will of Congress, and usurp appropriations power.

High five to the small government conservatives who support trumps actions… Youve been played

Conservativism has been reduced to “lol lib tears”


Would it also be a national emergency if the Congress decided to no longer have a standing army?

Would the President be able declare the army a national emergency and exempt funding an Army from Congressional over site?

How about Social Security or Medicare? Say Republicans repealed it, but President Harris declared a National Emergency (or something)?

A plastic straw is the best way to sip them.

^^^^^^Exhibit A^^^^^^

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You guys need to lighten up a bit.
It was funny now it’s getting sad.
To make you feel better I’ll put down the plastic straw and just gulp. Reminds me in some cities you can’t get a Big Gulp anymore.

They havent been played…they just are not conservatives…

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Not everyone supporting Trump is a “conservative”. Open eyes look around.

Was it used after the President was rejected in Congress for funding? That’s the critical difference here. Trump is using his emergency declaration to circumvent Congress. Do you think that is a good precedent to set?

And before you say it isn’t a precedent, I suggest you look back at what the other emergencies were.