House Democrats officially introduce contempt resolution for Barr, McGahn

Here we go. Trump’s cronies aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do so now this is going to get resolved in court.

My opinion is that Trump and his team and his boys are trying to string this thing out as long as they can. So in that respect they’ve won. But they won’t be able to string it out forever and eventually the House democrats will get the information they need to perform oversight.

Then it gets interesting.

And on a personal note, now that Trump and the republicans around him have obstructed and refused to allow our Congress to do their job I hope our Congress now times this thing so that the worst pieces come out right before the next presidential election. Trump now deserves that.


Right…like it wasn’t there intentions to begin with.

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Maybe your right, there is also a possibility the average voter is getting tired of the collusion/obstruction narrative. Will have to wait and see.

Congress is not equal to the President, they need to learn their place.

It better be…we need to play by the rights playbook now…

We need to and I quote…

" punch people in the teeth."
" need to drop kick them"

Gee. Who would have said something like that, I wonder?

The problem is left punches like little girls and kick like one too.

They need some manly men who cry about being victims


It is barbaric

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there was no obstruction. ; )

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what is trump “covering up” as doddering old leftbat Pelosi keeps saying?

Oh no!



now is the winter of our discontent!

House Dems are officially contemptible.

Contempt of their ankle biting is fully warranted.

The Constitution disagrees with you on that – they are coequal branches.

Other than your personal wishes for an Imperial Presidency, what basis do you have for this assertion.

i think the assertion is based on sarcasm…i could be wrong


Narrator: he was not wrong.

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I have a hard time seeing sarcasm in print.

i think we all do and just its getting rather difficult to differentiate onion articles with real life, its getting difficult to separate sarcasm vs true Trumpy beliefs

I’ve got to say - I’ve been off the board a few days dealing with family issues. Coming back, it really amazes me how far the level of debate has fallen.