House committee requests hearing with postmaster general amid mail-in voting concerns

The House Oversight and Reform Committee on Monday asked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to answer questions at an upcoming hearing as concerns mount over delivery delays and how they could affect mail-in voting.

It’s realistic to assume that voting will be principally conducted by mail this year, given the Covid crisis. Let’s not allow this unqualified Postmaster General annihilate the PO before November.

Why is he unqualified?

Oh right this is the big donor guy with no qualifications.


It’s only cool to be a swamp creature if Donald appoints them to an official position. :sunglasses:

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Oh he is qualified under-funding the postal service will make him money.
He was CEO of one of the largest Transportation and logistic companies in America he was pick for the sole reason to dismantle the postal service into private ownership.

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It’s heartbreaking to see our institutions dismantled.


Can you imagine the uproar if President Obama had tried to dismantle to PO in order to interfere with the right to vote?

He bought his position by donating millions of dollars to the GOP & trump campaign. His wife is Ambassador to Canada.
He’s already cut overtime while mail is being piled up. Many postal workers are out sick with Covid and some have died. Workers won’t be replaced.

trump is sabotaging the postal system because he knows if he loses, he goes to prison.


Absolutely true. Let’s not pretend this isn’t happening. Let’s not pretend that the USPS isn’t important.

with yuuge investment in certain logistic-centric companies…

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Hopefully Nov 3rd we can tell this clown that he’s on borrowed time.

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I think it will be necessary to invoke the Voting Rights Act and order the Postal Service to use whatever workers and however much overtime is required to ensure all ballots are delivered on time.

ANY voter can file a complaint against the United States Postal Service to enforce the Voting Rights Act.


did you happen to catch this bit of news today?

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I don’t see anything in your reply that says why he is unqualified. Just Lib rhetoric.

According to whom exactly?

Without a Constitutional Amendment it isn’t even legally possible.

Is there any actual basis in fact for any of these claims?

She is currently a nominee to be Ambassador to Canada and likely won’t be confirmed before the end of Trump’s term.

Not going to call a foul on HER nomination as posh Ambassadorships have been sold to the highest bidder in the United States for years. Patronage.

That has been the rule rather than the exception since pretty much the founding.

Key ambassadorships have always gone to bit donors and otherwise key allies.

There is only one reason libs want mail in voting and the corona virus has nothing to do with it.