Horrible story out of Chicago; One victim or two?

A terrible story from Chicago about a pregnant woman who was lured to a house where she was killed and her unborn child was cut from her womb. The fetus is alive but brain dead at this point. Here is a question especially for those of you who consider yourself pro-choice. How many victims were there? Here is a link; 3 charged in killing of pregnant woman, removing baby from womb

That’s some pretty scary barbaric stuff

There were two victims. The baby may not have died were jt not far the attacks on the mother.


■■■■■■■ animals.

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There were two murders.

From the looks of it, the mother intended to carry to term and the point of viability of the fetus had been reached.

Her body agency was taken away from her, and that includes her intention to give birth.

And for example… if she was seeking a late term abortion close to the due date and had no medical reason for it, that would also be murder in my opinion.

The majority of people on the pro choice side understand that Roe v Wade is a compromise between two equally valid moral rights.

The right to life and the right to body autonomy.

I am sad to see that elements on the pro life side completely disregard a woman’s right to control her own body and refuse to recognize that.