Hope Sarah Sanders was careful when interviewed by Special Counsel

Not anything wrong with Sarah being interviewed by Mueller’s team, but I hope she was careful. Because if she talked to them the way she talks to the press she’s going to jail.

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I’m guessing that Mueller talked to Sarah the same way that
Jim Acosta does.

In a disrespectful manner, thinking he’s perfect.

She should be fine. It’s not like she lies on a daily basis.


Yeah, she’s definitely gonna have to change her tune in front of Mueller. Otherwise she’ll end up in prison too.

There seems to be a growing contingent of former Trump employees moving from serving at the pleasure of the president to serving at the pleasure of their court sentence.


It has always seemed to me that Mueller is interested in what Trump’s mindset was when he fired staff members. It all centers around a obstruction of justice charge. I would think that the line of questioning to her would be what conversations she had with Trump about how to frame the release of information regarding staff changes. I believe that Kelly was questioned in the same manner.

Her daddy was a preacher. How she gets up there and lies so easily is beyond me.

Now I will say that some of the kids I went to school with whose dads were preachers were some of the wildest kids I knew.

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What are horribly malicious thing to say about an actual American Hero

Now it makes sense why press conferences got reduced to basically zero…Mueller was watching


Can anyone in that WH sort out the difference between truth and lies, at this point?


Heroes have bone spurs.

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Based on?

Lol. If I was Sarah advisor I would tell her to dummy up.


Sure there are. I imagine that everyday there are a bunch of staff who roll their eyes and do a face plant.
And I wonder how many of them will begin jumping ship when it really starts going down fast.
It has been reported that many of the senior staff members walk out of meetings with the president and say some pretty nasty things about him.

Good luck with that. I wouldn’t invest a whole lot of hope in a negative outcome for Sanders.

It’s not like she was hired for her smarts.

Bob Mueller, apparently, hardly ever speaks. He sits in meetings silently while his his subordinates do all the talking.

Then they got a real bargain didn’t they since she continually runs rings around the WH press corps?