Hope Hicks to cooperate with House Judiciary Committee

This going to get good. Wasn’t Hicks on the AF1 ride when fat donald personally intervened to write Don Jrs statement about the trump tower meeting?

Hope Hicks, the former White House communications director and long-time confidante of President Donald Trump, plans to turn over documents to the House Judiciary Committee as part of its investigation into potential obstruction of justice.

Yes she was. Is that when she said the emails would never be found, or something to that effect?

Oh, this could get interesting. From what I understand, she sat right outside the Oval Office. I’m sure she’s got plenty of goods.

Yep and also this:

Last year, Hicks testified behind closed doors before the House Intelligence Committee, but she did not answer all of the questions from Democrats, who at the time were in the minority.

Also this:

One of the Trump campaign’s earliest hires, Hicks in 2018 was willing to answer questions about the 2016 campaign and some questions about the Trump transition, but she would not address questions about her time in the White House.

Looks like this time she will testify about her time in the WH.

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Nice of her to cooperate this time, lol.

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I’m guessing she knows orange isn’t a good color on her.

Wonder if her ex (?) will get to wear orange. Is he even being looked at for anything, or did he seem to be pretty clean, other than the abuse to his ex wives/girlfriends?

Uh oh…

You couldn’t tell that from this photo of her last day at the White House.

I’ve heard that orange is the new red.

Who? She was just a maid.