Hong Kong researchers report first documented COVID re-infection

A 33 year old man who recovered in April and tested positive again in August.

Documented because the strain he was infected with in August (for which he is asymptomatic) was a different one than the one he caught in April.

So far only one case, so no need to panic yet.

But I’d this becomes more widespread it does have implications that the virus may continue to spread even with a vaccine and even with herd immunity.

Well then, no sense in ever shutting down the country again.

It’s amazing the antivax movement in the States has so many followers

Percentage of Americans who say they'd get a COVID-19 vaccine declines 10 percent in 3 months

Black, Hispanic and indigenous are more likely to support such a vaccine, as their communities have been harder hit by this virus:

However this virus mutates, a vaccination is more of a preventative than nothing at all.