Hong Kong Independence protest should we support it?

There is currently a massive protest going on in Hong Kong million of people are marching in the street protesting the government seeking Independence from China.

should western leader support this like they have in similar situation Venezuela, etc or is China two powerful of an enemy to pick a fight with.

speaking as a Canada who has been feeling the pressure from China for months, I say bring it on we should 100% support Hong Kong.

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Support them

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No, stay out of it. It’s none of our business.

The Chinese Communist Party agrees with you.

I don’t care. We’re doing pretty good right now. No need to muck it up.

I heard that 2/7th of the populace was marching in the streets the other day.

Sounds like Chinas problem.

Everyone knows how great China is at solving problems like this. Except the Chinese because of censorship.

Good on Trump for doing what he’s doing.

Not only NO but **** NO!!!


It’s only a matter of time before Chinese tanks and armor personnel to roll into Hong Kong.

China is going to have to set example sooner then later.

From a moral standpoint, yes.

From a political, economic, and just plain intelligence standpoint I’m going to repeat what Safiel said.

Not just no, but ■■■■ no.

Like you can talk.

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When the British left this was all but inevitable.

The CCP will only tolerate so much before they issue a crackdown.

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Trump is incapable of commenting on it without causing an international incident.

Right the English knew this. There should have been a better transfer agreement. I wonder why ithere wasn’t…

British goverment sold out for favorable access to Chinese market.

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Among other things.

Hard for me to be concerned about Hong Kong over the rest of China, if anything they are in the best position.

I support their democracy as much as any place seeking it, but I don’t see any advantage of picking this fight.

I am split on the issue, I am against intervention if it can be avoided, at the same time it is heart breaking watching some of those protestors waving the British Flag knowing the communists are cracking down on them.

I dunno why they would be flying British flags considering the Brits abandoned them in the first place.

I think the decision of whether or not to support the protestors depends on what sort of Republican you are.

Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush would have supported the protests because they believed America’s role in the world was primarily driven by values – and that promoting values of freedom and Democracy was America’s destiny.

Donald Trump has not supported the protests because he believes America’s role in the world is driven primary by financial considerations and anything tha disrupts a major trading partners, as well as his family’s manufacturing base is to be avoided.

Are you driven by ideals or by finance? Much follows from that.

I’m not any kind of Republican.