Honest Questions for Trump Voters

Answer these questions as honestly as possible:

Sid wants his wife, Nancy, dead. He hires a hitman named Joe to “take care” of his wife. Joe decides not to dispose of Nancy. Joe goes to the police and informs them of the situation. Does the police charge Sid with a crime?

Lets say you work for a company. Your boss wants you to secretly record a competitor without their permission. You say no, but your boss insists that you do the job, and even guarantees you no criminal jail time. You say no again, and then go to the police. Does the police charge your boss with a crime?

Be honest here folks. Because if we were to go by Trump logic, neither scenarios would be a crime because a crime never actually took place.

Your examples are faulty.

Conspiring to commit a crime, is a crime.

Conspiring to not commit a crime…is not a crime.

This one Sid is charged with a crime – Money changed hands, and a crime was committed knowingly and willingly. BOTH Sid and Joe end up with a death penalty case.

This one if only as described above, the boss would not be charged with a crime. No crime was committed. Exhibit A: Hutaree militia members that were arrested then set free. You know the one’s that had the firearms, the plan, and were practicing to start a world war. There are way’s however the boss could be charged under different circumstances.

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It doesn’t matter

That’s not he basis for the dismissal in the Hutaree militia case… Read it for yourself…


Yes to first - no to second.

I know exactly where this is headed, so rather than respond to your disingenuous strawman, let me propose one of my own that is infinitely more accurate.

Sid and Nancy’s marriage is on the rocks. Nancy and Joe plan to frame Sid by going to the police and tell the police about a fictitious plot by Sid to have Joe “take care” of his wife. Sid does everything in his power to try and stop Joe from going to the police, basically obstructing Joe from trying to frame him.

Is Sid obstructing justice? Can anyone really blame Sid for trying to protect himself from Nancy and Joe’s plot to frame him?