Honduran Illegal Just Here For a Better Life

HOUSTON, TX – Law Enforcement Today has just learned that the suspect who shot at the Houston Police choppers assisting with the first HPD helicopter crash was an illegal immigrant, according to court documents.

The crash unfortunately claimed the life of 35-year-old Tactical Flight Officer Jason Knox and seriously injured the pilot, 35-year-old Senior Officer Chase Cormier, whose injuries included a broken back.

Claros-Trajedo fired five shots from two locations at the backup helicopters on scene for the crash.

They’re all here to contribute.

Yep clearly every immigrant is a horrible monster.

No one except you said that.
Is that what you believe?


Illegal Immigrant.

This one was.

Back to illegal aliens, if one is a criminal that is one too many. Criminals are now wandering the streets both legal and illegal because of Coronavirus. Our country has no room for illegal aliens. They are illegal in the first place.

What happened to the previous responses?

First. Nobody believes that. You’re spreading a lie. Yep clearly you’re spreading bull ■■■■ So just stop.

Second. He’s not an immigrant. He’s an invader. A border crasher.

Third. Why do you oppose people going through the correct channels to enter OUR country? Being a foreign national, what gives you the right to take a stand on OUR policy?


Being a member of the human race.

Because this is a message board that welcomes posters from all over the globe.

Too funny. What gives you the right to tell him he can’t express an opinion?

The other irony in this is that Canada has much stricter immigration policies than the United States.

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And what’s worse is the blatant hypocrisy. He’s always opining that the US should have open borders, but would never want the borders of Canada open to everyone in the world. Right @CanadianJudo?

So just let everyone in?

Yeah, no. There has to be sensible immigration policies. Not anarchy.

They certainly do! But why should we care what the say about our domestic policy. And why do they care?

No one says anyone has to care about what anything thinks.

Lots of interest in American politics, I belong to messageboards about UK politics and we have posters from all over the world.

A lot of people like to think beyond their own cultural experiences.

Ya let them go with that increasing immigration in 2020, I am sure that will go over swimmingly in the rustbelt at a time when the Chinese Virus has ravaged the economy and millions are laid off let’s bring in more cheap labor, that should go over well.

And since they don’t have to live with the choices they want us to make. They can think away! Have fun “thinking.”

The majority of Americans do not want immigration increased and do prioritize the well being of foreign nationals. It’s a loser issue. I hope they focus on it.