Honduran Activist says his FB acct used to promote the Caravan

Bartolo Fuentes says his Facebook account was used to promote the caravan. Facebook has refused to provide him with the messages that may have been sent on the fake account, but they have removed the account. If this story is true, it will be very interesting to see who is behind this.

Facebook is owned and operated by corrupt Liberals.

and the Democrats want the caravan of refugees here, for more votes. lol.

They could care less about the welfare, and safety of the American people.

I’m not buying that. Something this big would have been brought up at one of our monthly meetings at the pizza shop. We would have had buses at the border to transport these people to the polls to vote.

I was never notified of any of this.

Seriously though. I’d like to know what was sent and received on this Facebook account.

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■■■■■■■ Russians!