Homicide in Seattle's no-cop paradise


I wonder where you heard that…

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I could never be a police officer. No way am I going into an area that is not policed. Screw them. I would never respond to anything in that area until it’s secured. Any fatalities in that area are the responsibility of those that allow it to continue to be occupied. Gross negligence IMO.

There is some irony that governments that make police strikes illegal because of public safety are talking about eliminating the police.

From what I see, simply letting the no-cops paradise run for a while may be necessary learning experience in what not to do, although it would be much better if people did not have to die in the process.

It’s the summer of love as the mayor said.

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Yeah, it’s unfortunate and sucks for the families of those involved that this shooting occurred. Hopefully, everyone in the community there takes a long hard look at the system they’ve implemented. Clearly, as everyone in this thread agrees, a system that results in a single human death is simply too much to bear and requires a thorough re-evaluation.

It’s a shame that one bad apple has spoiled the whole bunch. If only Seattle’s protest zones had the resiliency of its prior police force…

Speaking of no go it looks like London had another person run through the parks hacking away at people with a knife again, killed 3 and sent a few in critical condition to the hospital. Motive unclear happens perpetrator a refugee from Libya :thinking:

Well, the Brits have pretty much banned guns, are attempting to ban knives, and may soon have to ban running through parks. Or they could just stop importing ■■■■■■■ criminals.


I highly doubt they will do that, they imported enough they were able to elect a practicer of Islam as Mayor who famously said terrorism is part and parcel’ of living in a major city.

They just have to get used to a random jihadist walking in the park, that decides today is a good day to become a martyr and get rewarded 72 virgins by taking out some random infidels. Then the left will blame the killing on white supremacy rinse repeat, it’s like a broken record with the worst song recorded playing.


The last shooting in the neighborhood was when a man who’s brother is a policeman at the precinct drove into the crowd, got out, started firing, and than ran to the police lines.

This was part of the chain of events that led to the neighborhood setting up barricades.

Sir, this is America. Murder is tradition.

Speaking of the mayor here is a good read
about the mayor and her partner


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Imagine the media blitz and public outcry right now if a mayor in a major city allowed a far right group to take over six city blocks then tell the police to pull back allowing the far right to take over a police precinct building and controlling six blocks of the city then two people were shot one died. They would be calling for the mayors head.

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I was stationed in London in the 80’s. Back then all you had to worry about was the random IRA bombing. Much safer back then.

Do family members get anything extra if their loved ones are killed at the left’s big street party?


At some point the mayor and PC have to start finding some way to regain some credibility since this whole takeover/violent protest thing is’t polling well.

From the way I heard the story is was a shooing that broke out over a split over leadership.

This is not uncommon when radicals with disparate interests band together for revolutionary purposes. Sooner or later the differences become greater than the need for the coalition and eventually tempers boil over and bad things start to happen.


■■■ Is a plant ally?

Predicting the future?

Huh? No I literally recited recent history.

“The way I heard it”

God bless the Rumor Mill™, all these years with information at our finger tips and look at it go, still shipping packages from CHOP in Seattle to rural Texas with overnight delivery. She’ll never go out of business!

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The summer of love has officially begun.

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According to my neighbor who is keeping up with what is going down in that zone because he has 18 year old daughter who frequents the area told me a few hours ago it was a local rapper that was killed by another rapper? Not sure if he is right sounds odd but that is “word on the streets”. Or in this case my neighbors 18 year old daughter.